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  1. Got it, makes sense. Thanks Mr P!
  2. Would love to have a copy. My kids roam around the house singing those songs to themselves all the time. lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com
  3. I have not had a chance to test it yet, but was wondering if anyone knew if the CMBD24D while in stand alone mode can run the animation sequence on a schedule. Thanks!
  4. I'd like to take a look. lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. Would love to check it out. lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks!!
  6. Hey Sax I got the Servo Dog 2 years ago during the spring sale. Feel intimidated every time I try to get going with it. Anything you can recommend to get it going?
  7. Reefrus would you be willing to still share? lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks!!
  8. roverdish...... could you send me a copy as well? lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks!!
  9. Sarge could I get a copy? lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks!!
  10. I'd be interested if you are willing lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com
  11. You should have seen where the platinum members got to go at the LOR booth during the expo. Crazy!!
  12. Is the ability to open multiple sequences and being able to copy and paste on the horizon?
  13. Ok, Ok, I get it. I'm sooooo sorry Greg. What's your address? I'll burn a disc with every single LOR sequence I have and send it to you.
  14. Aaaww, sounds like Greggie needs a hug. Pussie
  15. There are tons of places on the internet where you can find sequences, just have to look and do some leg work. Begging really wont get you far
  16. What was it that you learned lightzilla? Something amazingly technical that you don't want to share? Or did somebody put your panties in a wad?
  17. Thanks Brian! I have been using 2 instances of SS, but as you stated not able to copy/paste between the 2. Also, creating and saving a new clipboard, the clipboard that you save does not show in the second instance of SS.
  18. I am curious if anyone may know as to why you cant open more than one SS sequence at a time? I would think that it would be designed in the same way the Sequence Editor works multiple sequences open in the same window as tabs which allow for easy copy and pasting.
  19. Nice work with the website and the show. Love the spinning of all of the elements in the What Is Christmas video. How did you accomplish that? Also, your pixel tree - is that a 360 tree or 180. Very well done!
  20. Clyde Lindsey who has a youtube channel, leechburghlights, has gotten the Pi working with LOR. He will be hopefully be getting some videos up this week on how to configure it all.
  21. Thanks for sharing! Will take a look tonight
  22. correct email address lightsinarlingtonheights@gmail.com Thanks for sharing!!
  23. Please send a copy to lightsinarlingtonheihghts@gmail.com
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