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  1. mariaandbrandon3@gmail.com thanks!
  2. I've got the beautiful stille nacht(silent night) from Mannheim Steamroller. What's the email if you'd like it.
  3. That's simple.. Mute the audio that was recorded with your video. Then add the audio file over the video corresponding with the timing of the video.
  4. Brandon.n.h

    hi i'm newbie

    The controller outlets known as channels have labels that correspond with the sequence channels. If you have more than one controller make sure to number each one so they don't get mixed up. If something on a downloaded sequence isn't for the light strand you want such as a window, Etc you can change the properties of that channel to a different channel. Ex. Channel 1> channel 2
  5. Could I have your wizards in winter as well?
  6. I'm working on the seq a little at a time right now.. I'll hopefully finish in a week or two(I don't get but 30 min a day to work on it) and can share with you afterwards if you are still in need.
  7. Hello LOR enthusiast! First year with a 16 ch animated display. I am ready to put everything up, but my only problem is I have a complete brick home.. Without drilling holes how can I hang the garland/lights up? Thanks, Brandon!
  8. I'm looking to make a simple sign as well. I dont even need lights around mine as I've got a stupid street light next to my house.
  9. I know the pricy program I mentions has 3 video/audio lines. I'm not familiar with anything else such as AVS mentioned above. For $50 it should have that option though.
  10. Many programs can be used, personally I use adobe premiere which cost a great amount. I am most certain though you can use windows movie maker or any video editing software such as Sony Vegas which is another fav of mine
  11. Just record your show and afterwards place the song into the video. That's the best way to do it.
  12. Wow nine songs!? Mind sharing them? I'm a newbie as well and have parts of 5 songs, but not completed. I actually plan to buy two more controllers for summer sale! Maybe we can share each others songs, if you'd like mine.
  13. I wasn't able to find that, is it a certain brand. Links to amazon would be much appreciated.
  14. Hello guys, this is my first post and first year of LOR. I have a small yard so not much to display and plan on doing VS, but I need your opinion of which projector to use from amazon.com. Thanks! My highest price would have to be around $300, but I'd be more comfortable at 200 or below.
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