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  1. cheat, you don't need a wheel just something that pivots on that radius. get a #10-24 "tie rod coupling nut" . The are the long ones usually in the misc hardware bins at the box stores. Drill 2 holes in it through the hex flats. make 1 hole the diameter of the shaft about 1/8" from one end and the other 1/2" away that is big enough to put a pin into to attach to the head mechanism. put the nut on the motor shaft and tighten a #10 screw into that end to line up with the motor shaft flat spot.
  2. there is a function in the hardware utility to change the shimmer & twinkle effects. Not sure what th rhyme or reason to the control is as a single number change doesn't seem to modify the effect the same way from say 7 to 8 to 9..... I had to fiddle with mine a bit this year to get both effects to look SAT for my show.
  3. I jsut rechecked from another computer. Lightorama.com to the general support page, right click on the mDM0mp3 firmware button and get the same file I've been trying at home: "mDC_MP3_V4-10.lhx"
  4. yes sir. same exact error. have tried on all 3 machines. 1 running windows 7, a vista (64) and an old but reliable xp box. same issue on all 3. I did reinstall the 485 drivers and the hardware utility with the same results. Just lucky i guess.
  5. I'm having the same problem. Have you figured out a work around yet? I purchased the m-d late last season and this was to be the first time it would be used and I just wanted to make sure that I had all the bells & whistles activated when I tried the fireware update.
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