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  1. Love it, great sequencing. Would appreciate a copy. Thank you. jobs157@hotmail.com
  2. Will the light linkers run 115.4 network speed?
  3. Great job! I like all your videos. What kind of camera did you use? They came out really good.
  4. Could I get some copies too. Thanks Santa jobs157@hotmail.com
  5. Can you start the sequence editor from the visualizer screen? I currently start the visualizer then jump to the SE to start it and then back to visualizer screen. Not sure if I'm doing it right or if there is a short cut.
  6. I would like a copy too. Thank you in advance for your work and sharing. My email address. jobs157@hotmail.com
  7. They are Warm White Dripping LED icicle lights with a speed dial 12 ft long. I used two sets on each side
  8. I know It's late for posting videos, but I found this one on the internet that someone had taken of my house. The thing that amazed me is that their video came out better that the ones I do with my Flip or JVC camera. I must have the wrong settings on my cameras. I have to improve how I do it somehow.
  9. A video of 2012 display http://vimeo.com/56588189
  10. My tree with hulahoops to support it. It was only 8 ft high. 40 channels, 16 red, 16 clear, 8 rope. https://vimeo.com/13533928
  11. I have 7 CCR's. Two of the CCR's each have one pixel (three LED's) that won't light up in red. They will light up in green, blue and a funny color white. If I change controllers it does the same. I've looked at the corresponding channel setting and it seems to be OK. If it's a loose wire, where would I look for it?
  12. Ran this for New Year's Eve. http://vimeo.com/34398409
  13. I came up with a last minute idea of hanging my four CCR's from an attic window. Not sure yet how to fasten them. I would let them hang down and space them apart at the bottom with string and ties. It would be close to a three story drop. How to fasten them? Will the ribbon pull apart at the fasten end with the weight of the remaining ribbon? I would fasten the top of all four close to one point. I'm trying to make a tree shape. Any ideas? Or should I give up on this idea? Thank you in advance.
  14. I'm putting up my control boxes. I have 7 hooked in series and at the end a light linker to transmit to two other controllers. How do I connect my CCR's to the first group of 7? There is a third connection in each controller box, but one doesn't fit the cables. Can you hook three connections in a controller? If so, how? There are two connections in the light linker, one being used. Not sure about the other open one. I know you can hook the CCR's in series, but where would I connect the first one? Thank you in advance.
  15. magish01 wrote: I bought some of the same green Martha Stewart C3 lights at HD. I can't get them to fade up and down properly. I tried a snubber and it still doesn't work. They start dim then a quick bright then dim and then off. Not smooth up and down. Anybody have any ideas what might be wrong?
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