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  1. Wow, that's a lot of lights!! Very nice show!
  2. Wow! awesome show! How long do you keep it up because I'd love to come see you and get some insight on how you incorporate this all into LOR? I absolutely love the mega-tree with the images!!
  3. Looks good! How difficult was it to integrate RGB into the show with LOR? I'm thinking about taking that step next.
  4. Really nice show. I didn't know about the song in the first video, cool song for a display.
  5. I had issues with my ransmitter last night and had to reduce the output volume until the static went away. I had changed input devices and the volume was higher to keep the outside speaker at a decent level, but was overpowering the signal to the transmitter.
  6. Heck Yeah Sarge, I'd love to see it. gtonnies@comcast.net Do you have videos of your displays anywhere we can see?
  7. Nice job! The music is interesting. I like how you build up the display by bringing in new items along the way. The house colors are bright and the driveway arches are cool. Really good job!
  8. Nicely done. Hope you get tons of traffic to enjoy the show!
  9. I have seen guys make a V shape out of pvc and fittings which sits over the top of the ridge and the lights along the top section, with some sandbags paced on the backside to secure it. Seemed like a pretty easy design, as long as your roofline is fairly simple.
  10. I know we're a little late asking, but if you are sharing then I'd love to use your show as I try my first Halloween next year. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope I get to the point I can share my stuff also by next year. gtonnies@comcast.net Have a great Thanksgiving!
  11. You should smile - this is no easy task to conquer. Now that you have the first show running, you can start planning for next year.
  12. Wow, that is really impressive!! your props and lighting are amazing! so well done!!
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