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  1. Both units are sold, thanks you all
  2. It has been a long time since I have been on here but as we all know the economy is bad, which has made me to decide to sell my 2 remaining controllers. With now having a family, I am no longer able to spend as much time on a christmas display for as i would like in the past 2 years and decided to help out any other lighting people that would be interested in starting or expanding their display. The two years I did have a display I made the local newspaper both years and the local tv station one of those years. So it saddens me to get out of the limelight. These were kits that were assembled and mounted in water resistant locking boxes. Both boxes have screw mounting holes in the back that i found that the pipe hanging tape that is metal that has all holes in it works best, so you can put screws through it when attached to secure boxes. Picture shows cords attached. white cords that go to lights are 6' cords and the power cord is 9'. I do have a second power cord I can send with them and both controllers are equipped with 20amp fuses, even thou controllers generally had only 2-3 strings of lights on each circuit. I am curious if there is anyone interested in wanting to buy them. I am asking $140.00 each, shipping included in price. Both for $250.00 Shipped. Payment by paypal as soon as I know that my account is still active. Thanks you, Scott Attached files
  3. thebaronn wrote: What group does that version of carol of bells (techno) Thanks I have no clue (that was a product of my evil days of napster) I can email it to you if you like. I like how i spelled mega-"maga" college really paid off there. gee, thanks scottsgrfx@yahoo.com
  4. thebaronn wrote: What group does that version of carol of bells (techno) Thanks
  5. Absolutely WOW. I didn't do a show this year, sold some controllers because I needed the money, time to start building again I guess after seeing this. WOW
  6. Had the same results the past couple yrs. Ours was a result of the older wiring in the house. Even if I was using seperate outlets. Look at the good side of it, if the lights inside are not dimming or flashing, then it a waring sign your lights outside are not on. lol......rewire or run new outlets and up your service to 200amp, or live with it I guess.
  7. I would like to make a Z-tree star out of coro, but wish someone had prints on how to do it, because I have never used coro before.
  8. Charles Belcher wrote: Charles, Question about the fireworks effect, (the light storms), are they the mult1 or mult2's, and since they have different effects, when you switch the power back on to them, do you get the same effect as when you shut them off. ( I know with some items that have multiple effects, you shut power off, it starts from the beginning. Scott
  9. Jeff Millard wrote: Any ideas if we have green boards, if we can exchange them or get a replacement regulator, or is that a dan question.
  10. Carol of bells - I think that is labeled wrong, that sounds like a TSO song.
  11. You might want to go to the light-o-Rama website under support and download the 1.6.15 update, and see if that resolves your problem. Sounds like your having the same problem I had and others did. Only difference is my show only consisted of musical sequences. Good luck
  12. Couldn't do it with out you Dan, and Light-O-Rama. Great Product, Great Service, Great People. Thanks, Happy Holiday's
  13. Congrats Robin... Here's mine, Hopefully link works, I didn't know they also put it on you tube for me. http://www.mpnnow.com/homepage/x224603780
  14. Very nice, Large display for your first year and a job well done.
  15. That is sooo cute, nice job. Now they are for sure going to get a visit by Santa.
  16. DownTown wrote: To do the voice over music in Audacity, just load you music file, click the record button (button with the red round dot) and speak into the microphone. Click the stop button (yellow square) when done recording. Now you can adjust the volumes of the respective tracks to your liking. If I can figure it out, anyone can. D.T. Thanks, I'll give it a try. Scott
  17. Nice Job.. I've been looking for some of the voice overs that are in your opening sequence, but I think everyone is getting them from movies they own. If you got them from a website, can you let me know, thanks, Nice job again.
  18. I have that but cannot figure out how to do a voice over music, or mix it without hearing the breaks in it.
  19. Is there any free mixing software that anyone is aware of. Also, any sites where you can get clips from movies to use, if you don't have the movie? Thanks
  20. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=15097&forum_id=79&highlight=fm+music Also Try www.frostyplayer.com
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