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  1. Last year I had LOR on WIndows 8 and it seemed to work flawlessly. This year i have a new HP desktop (faster than the laptop) that has Windows 8.1 on it. Both Zararadio and LOR are not running now. LOR sequence editor will load the sequence, but when i attempt to play the sequence, it hangs completely. Has anyone else had this same problem with LOR? I am running 3.8.2
  2. Jerry, We struck gold! Current settings listed below and Zara roared to life! I was having a little inconsistenty with the default stop and start tones, so changed them and things seem to be working as they are supposed to now. I did notice some flaky things happening when the output cable is disconnected, so i have to be careful it doesn't get unplugged. Thanks a ton for your help and patience! This was certainly a learning experience! Attached files
  3. Tried both tones with the satellite button checked and unchecked. Perplexing!
  4. Here is the output tab Attached files
  5. and here is the DTMF tab. I checked the log file and all it says is "DTMF enabled." Sounds play. nothing happens Attached files
  6. here is the satellite tab Attached files
  7. right. tried that as well. When I set satellite to the microphone, however, the setting does not stick (e.g., when i go back to Options it is set to speakers - not microphone)
  8. Well here is my update. 1.6.2 installed and running smoothly on the laptop (which is running Windows 7). Asus laptop which is running a VIA sound package (not sure if this is required as it was pre-installed). I have the Satellite tab set to "Speakers", the DTMF tones enabled and the correct tones specified. I tried connecting an audio cable to the microphone jack as well. I can hear the tones play when I launch the mp3 in windows media. Zara Radio does nothing and I see nothing in the log file. I either have something configured wrong or have another issue. Any thoughts anyone?
  9. Thanks guys! J_plak, PM back to you. I'll let you know how things go as soon as I install the "old version." Thanks to both of you for the help!!
  10. J_Plak wrote: Interesting. so are you running the "old" version of 1.6.2? Any idea where i can find that version?
  11. jeffl wrote: Ahhh ha! A lightbulb moment for me here! Thanks so much, Jeff! I am running into this same issue - i want DTMF, but am using a Windows 7 machine to run my Zara Radio and LOR display. I tried running 1.6.1 and what I think is the old version of 1.6.2 and had NOTHING but problems, freezing, etc of the Zara Radio. As soon as I uninstalled and went to the "new" version of, everything has been running smoothly, with nary a problem. Ofcourse, now i have to live without DTMF...
  12. Thanks, Joel! I was debating the MBB 4000 and Ramsey 30, and was going to go with the MBB since I am not that handy with a soldering gun and want to avoid the whole assembly issue Appreciate your thoughts here - I hadn't seen anything on the WHT 2.0 yet, hence that is why I posted since it was supposed to be "Major improvement" over the Gold WHT.
  13. I was about to put in my order, when I got an email from LOR containing information on the new Whole House Transmitter 2.0. Anyone have any thoughts on this new offering? I was going to go ahead and purchase the MBB 4000, but am now wondering if I should just get the WHT 2.0 with my 2 new controllers. I'd appreciate any ideas anyone has.
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