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      A fire has broken out in the same building that houses the main LOR offices.  More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.  


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  1. Just running regular network on all controllers. Never had this issue before. I am not even sure how to set up different networks. Will have to investigate that. Thanks for the response.
  2. I opened a support ticket, but I am sure the guys at LOR are slammed this time of year, so posting here to see if anyone else has experienced this. I have 23 controllers (01 - 09, OA - OF and 10 - 17). There is only one sequence that uses 17-1, 17-2 and 17-3 and this is a new sequence just made this year. Those channels work properly during that sequence. However, I have several other sequences that I have used for years that I am using this year. Again, none of those other sequences use controller 17. The issue is that during programmed events on other controllers and/or other channels, these three channels come on by themselves. I have doubled checked the channel configuration and made 100% sure that none of the other sequences are using these channels. I have even used the "off" control and dragged that through these channels just to make sure there are none of those little events that we miss sometimes. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas on what would cause a channel to come on even if it is not programmed to do that? Note: the only controller changes I made this year was renaming each controller due to a new configuration and new cabinet, but I did them one at a time with no network cable to others. Still the same numbering as noted above, just different on each one.
  3. When my show is running, every second or third night it will just stop. Control panel says it is not responding. Then I get this weird text and then it resumes where it left off. No idea at all what this might be. Any ideas??
  4. Lost My CAT5-USB adapter. AHHHHH!

    Cape Coral FL $70 for Saturday delivery, but that is IF the folks at LOR are working tomorrow.
  5. Somehow I have misplaced my USB to CAT 5 adapter and I was planning on starting the show Saturday, but that wont happen if the LOR one is the only one that will work. Does anyone know if any CAT5/USB adapter would work and if so, where I could find one FAST. I am going to try the LOR Store in the morning to see if they are open and if they can overnight, but need a backup plan. Thanks!!
  6. When I am sequencing in S4 and I have the play range set to "visible screen" it plays the screen, stops and then for a quick second it is like it either plays again or something but it is only for a split second. It does this at the end of the sequence too. Not a big deal when I am sequencing, but this will be a problem if it does it during the show. Anyone else experiencing this? If need I can post a video with a dropbox link.
  7. Satelite TV Interference

    The culprit was the FM Transmitter Amplifier. SOrry to disagree with you dgrant, but I got home today and started the show early. Her TV would black out at specific portions of the show and when the light were on shimmer the screen would pixelate. I went to my garage and unhooked the 1 watt amplifier for the FM transmitter and voila, no more interference. Just to clarify, I never stated she is "hearing" the show. The amplifier was affecting the signal.
  8. Satelite TV Interference

    I am wondering if it might be the FM transmitter or the amplifier. Last year the house was owned by someone else and they told me they were having problems. They even called the power company to come out and look at it who told them everything was fine. Now, they were not very nice so I thought they were just making it up. The lady that lives there now is very sweet and telling me the same thing so... Last year was the first year that I heard anything about interference and it was also the first year that I installed a 1 watt amplifier for the FM transmitter. My antenna is on the north side of my house and her satellite dish is on the south side of her house (i.e. about 20' apart). I am going to first move the antenna to the other side and see if that resolves the issue, if not I will then take the amplifier out of the line. I will keep all of you updated for informational purposes.
  9. Satelite TV Interference

    Not sure if this has ever been posted before and I have never heard of it. My neighbor has direct TV and just told me that she gets intereference in the form of fuzz during the entire light show. Has anyone ever heard of this before? We have comcast cable and have never had problems and none of the other neighbors have said anything. I know that she is on the same transformer as I am, but I dont experience anything at all so I dont think it is a power issue.
  10. I bought the advanced license, but when I try to update to 3.12 it tells me I need to purchase a license. I dont see any higher than advanced. Comments?
  11. Christmas Light Contest 2013

    Okay, now you REALLY got my anticipation up, Dan! I keep hearing the ketchup song from the 70's.....anticipa-a-tion. Did you mean next weekend from last week or this weekend from every time I check back. LOL. Just breakin' your ornaments, Dan....but I really am checking back...........just refreshed the page mid post in case I missed it......ok, I will shut up now.
  12. Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    anyone who might
  13. Networking Question

    Just want to make sure that I dont have to daisy chain in order of the controller number. I have always done this in the past just because that is the way that they fit in the cabinets. Anyone confirm that controllers can be cat5 daisy chained in any order????
  14. Christmas video contest 2013

    I believe there is a significant reward to the selected winner(s). (i.e. no purchase necessary....see dealer for details) My point is that Light-O-Rama is under no obligation or requirement to have this contest, but they have it as a way of saying thanks to their customers. If they posted something that said entries are due by X and winners will be selected on Y, then there would be a valid argument or question. If I am not mistaken, the grand prize is $2500 in LOR items. You upload your video and when they select a winner, that winner gets something for "FREE". If you are not the winner or there was not a contest you would get what you have now which is nothing. Likewise to LOR, we as customers are under no obligation or committment to upload our videos or enter the contest. It is a matter of choice. The complaints that LOR is not doing right by their customers is no different that the current state of "entitlement" that is increasingly taking over our society overall. The bottom line is, LOR is giving something away for free. If you win you should be grateful. If you dont win there is always the option to try again. If you spend every day of your life expecting more than what is owed to you, then you will be miserable at the end of every day. Anything that I get above and beyond what I work or pay for, I consider a blessing and a gift and find that I am a much happier person.