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  1. Sorry for late response Matt, MP4 file is 40mb length is 2:53 (using for music source) AVI is 5.2gb length is 2:53 Both play total length in VLC and windows media. AVI was created in VirtualDub so yes. I will try lower the resolution. Prop is 48 pixel by 96 pixel matrix. Thanks!
  2. OK - I have the AVI for the movie effect and the mp4 for the audio part. Both same length. all synced up. Problem is only the first 1:08 of the video will play, then blank. I set the movie to "full length". Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. What do you recommend for a MP4 to uncompressed AVI convertor? I can't seem to find on that does uncompressed.
  4. Bingo - Add Motion Effect Row - Duhhh - moving along....
  5. Great find Lowell! Do you have to sand down the socket like the green ones so the strobes screw in all the way (D Brown's strobes)???
  6. I noticed that when using ctr-Z (undo) that my screen jumps to the bottom of the channel list (after undoing). This will happen after playing a section, stopping and pressing ctr-Z. It prevent this from happening, select any cell in the current screen and you will stay in the current screen. When you stop playing a sequence, the entire column of cells is selected and ctrl-Z sends you to the bottom. Note: Edit, Undo does not do this screen jumping.
  7. I would love to use the latest firmware (4.40) on my CTB16PC controllers. The docs say,"Gen3 Light-O-Rama Controllers, and pre-Gen3 LOR controllers with Gen3 firmware installed, support customizable dimming curves." I tried updating to 4.40 (from 4.30). Anyone know?
  8. testraub wrote: That's a seriously secure donation box. That's the same mailbox I have (for mail). It's darn near bulletproof. I use a small lockable mailbox bolted to the fence but I'm thinking I need a bigger one that is easier to empty.
  9. wirekat

    iDMX firmware

    You Beta testers have all the luck!
  10. wirekat

    iDMX firmware

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. That did the trick. Dan - you are the Man!
  11. wirekat

    iDMX firmware

    -klb- wrote: Really? In the installer package? Where would I find those?
  12. wirekat

    iDMX firmware

    What's the latest version of the iDMX firmware. I have 1.30 installed but I have 1.41 from here: http://www.lightorama.com/w_support.htm but 1.41 won't load. I can go back to v1.30 but don't I need 1.41 to get 128 ichans? Thanks! Kevin
  13. Richard, Thanks for the tip! I am having issues with some channels and this should solve it. Let me know where you got the Male/Female clamshells. THANKS!
  14. Not a problem Dale, I would love to have the firmware update too! (hint hint)
  15. I agree - The LOR DC was not broken and the MR16 LED's were never designed to be dimmed. The work around we found was to put a 20 ohm (2 watt) resistor (22 ohm is what I supply) in series with the MR16 (either leg). The MR16's are actually designed to be AC and DC. The dimming curve is not linear and dims differently than incandescent and LED strings. It was unfortunate that the LED factory I ordered from changed their circuitry between group buy #2 and #3 because they dimmed without a resistor then. They actually work fairly well for a product (the MR16) that was never designed to be dimmed. I set up a test with the MR16's so that I knew what to expect when I sequence a song. I also setup a test with Paul's LED's so I know what to expect when I sequence those. Kevin
  16. I don't remember seeing that but I do know that I use a special "high quality" screw driver because I've twisted the cheap ones tightening all those screws. I really snork them down and I've never broken the screw only the screw driver.
  17. wirekat

    Did it again!

    Duke, Thanks for the remote LED status info. Oh and the enclosure is awesome!
  18. I made my own. I bought Radio Shack parts because I was only making a couple. (Actually mine are RJ45 to XLR)
  19. Denny, Per the manual YES to all questions. If the bank 1-8 is not 12 volts then you need to supply 12 volts to the aux input as you have stated. The negatives are all common.
  20. I have used both for two years now. I word of caution. Do not use the LOR hardware utility with DL and vise versa. You will get weird results. So if you have both daisy chained together, separate the two types before running either hardware utility.
  21. Thanks Dan! I'll try it today and let you know if it improves.
  22. Well I changed the setting from "average" to "slow - for long distance" and it has improved but there are now different glitches and less of them. I have an Easy Light Linker pair I could try tomorrow?
  23. Thanks Dan! I assume that by opening the sequence editor and changing settings there that they are then used during the running of the show. In other words I don't have to change each sequence just that setting, click OK and close the sequence editor?
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