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  1. 20' mega tree, i used about 12-14. I ran C9 stringer all around the inside, and try to make sure there is at least 2 low on the outsides, 2 mid on the outsides, and 1 high and center, and the rest spread evenly around with a little bit of depth. I'm relatively sparse with my strobes though, compared to others I've seen.
  2. I don't even care so much about the winning (OK, let's be real, I'd love to win, but realistically there are a ton of good entries) - but my favorite part is looking at all the other entries. Wish they were posted at least... (Yep, first time I've thought about the contest in a few months... as I'm officially gearing up for the 2015 lighting season starting this weekend. Inside. Because it's rained about a foot in the past week and even more coming this weekend. Ugh)
  3. Kind of curious myself. Had a passing thought about display stuff this afternoon, and came to look to see.... and this is the only thread that came up... I know it's got to be a lot of work to view and judge all the videos.
  4. I work with a ~100' wide open field on my display. I just turn it into a forest of PVC trees as a backdrop and stage scenes throughout. Note that only about a 30' swath is an LOR show, the rest is static - I put ~190 channels & 36,000 lights into that small segment, and throw up about 45,000 static lights over the rest of the display. The other segments are the dog scene, snowman & toy scene, and the boat & pond scene. Just a different thought of looking at a big open area - Static goes up much quicker than LOR stuff to cover the large area, while still getting the awesomeness of an LOR show. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=405313029547223&set=a.405311972880662.96533.149952898416572&type=3&permPage=1
  5. I use similar hooks on my 10' superstring trees. Worked fine for the past 2 years. My concern here is the attachment to the ground. My 10' color changers have roughly 5,000 lights on them. My light strands go to stakes in the ground so they act as mini-guy wires. I also guy with 100lb test fishing line. This year we had some of the worst wind I've endured (solid 25-35 with gusts over 50), and it picked those lights up out of the ground like they were nothing and toppled over both my 10' trees. - so it pulled roughly a dozen light stakes AND broke 100lb test line, to give you an idea of what wind can do to these trees. I'm not sure sandbags are going to hold it. Granted, I'm in an open field with little break for the wind but still... I would consider some kind of better ground anchor system.
  6. Troubleshooting issue - May have bad serial>RJ45. Will the LED on a controller go solid if the cat5 is plugged into the LOR serial>rj45 adapter, and that adapter is plugged into a functioning, non-LOR loaded CPU? Troubleshooting, flustered! Thank you
  7. Big fan of the use of these 16 channels. Nicely done.
  8. Sadly I don't have any new video, but my 36,000 light, 200 channel show is the exact same as it was in 2011 (Here's a 2011 video of Straight No Chaser's We Three Kings: )But what did change for 2012 is the general layout of the display, and some new additions to the static scenes. Overall the display was over 83,000 lights this year, with about 30% of that being LED (mostly ground snow lights/pond lights, bushes, and a couple of the static trees). A couple of overview photos: The expanded dog scene: And the revamped boat & pond scene: You can view a whole album of photos here: http://www.facebook....98416572&type=1
  9. I wouldn't call it garbage. It would probably look pretty awesome. If he's already got a pair of standard controllers, this is likely a better option/uses standard lights. Not everyone (myself included) has interest in pixels. But to each his own, I suppose...
  10. Syncing up 2 boats together? Now THAT's a show stopper! I don't see why you couldn't use a standard 12v-120v inverter. Granted, you won't be able to do but so much, unless you're running LED's (Your average halfway reasonably priced inverter is what, 400-500w?) Perhaps to protect the LOR unit you might want to put a power conditioner or some kind of UPS like you would a computer... Though this probably isn't a requirement. I guess then you get into how much your boats batteries/alternator can handle. But I'd love to see two boats in a boat parade sync'd up. #stopgivingmeideas Oh, and on the radio - I use a Ramsey FM30b. I get about 800-1000 feet line of sight radius with the standard antenna.
  11. It's probably a blown triac. I had 4 happen last year, and have had one happen this year. You can replace it yourself or send the board back to LOR for repair.
  12. Santa is on the bow of a 12' boat fishing in a pond of lights in my display... There's even a rod with a line of lights hooked to an 18" plywood fish. I live in a waterfront town surrounded on 3 sides by water, so it fits the theme. It's whatever makes people happy. One of my most popular scenes is my dog scene, with 5 four-legged light ups around some presents and dog-igloos (seriously, those plastic ones petco sells that I found at garage sales for cheap). Of course there's a bunch of penguins and snowmen and other like stuff. What's it matter as long as people enjoy it? (And while I understand Gangnam style.. and Sandstorm... and like songs because of their popularity and tempo, but, I do prefer to keep my sequences to Christmas-ey songs.
  13. (In fact, I remember the 5 channels that went to 50%: 1 was a mega tree line with 200 lights. 2 were arch/light tube segments of 100 lights each. The other 2 were mini-trees with 200 lights each.) As far as the quality of power - I assume it's fine. I set up at a commercial office building that was built in the late 70's... I suppose the only "issue" with the power I've noticed is when someone flushes the toilet and the well pump cuts on, I do see the display momentarily flicker. (Funny side story - Back in '02, the first year I moved the display from my house in the woods to the more public venue, I did not know that an outside plug was on the same circuit as the well pump. I treated it as 20 amps of availability and maxed it out. It was a huge head scratcher why part of the display went out whenever someone flushed a toilet!)
  14. Answers to questions: Production year: 2 are '09, 2 are '11 (I think - sadly I don't remember exactly - they may be '10s - They're definitely gen3's though.) Motors/Foggers/etc: No, I don't use anything except incan mini's & strobes in my animated section. The affected channels were only attached to minis. Loads: Highest load on any one of my channels is 500 incan mini's, with most being 100 or 200. So, at most, 2 amps per channel, being VERY aggressive with amp count, with most being under 1 amp.
  15. Hi all, I currently have 16 controllers - 8x 1602W's in custom cases and 8x CTB16PC's in LOR cases. Of my 1602W's, I've had exactly 1 problem in the past 3 years, and that involved some kind of electrical short that fried a board. Of the CTB16PC's, 4 of my 8 boards have suffered a triac failure, 2 of which were less than a year old. I love the small, light cases of the PC boards, but I'm beginning to question their quality. Is this unfounded? Have others who use a mixed set of controllers seen a tendency for one to have issues moreso than the other? I know triac's are considered by many here to be a "simple solder" fix - but I do not have the knowledge to fix it myself and must contact LOR to do so. Thankfully last year when these problems cropped up I was able to re-route spare channels to cover most of the issues. But still, it's concerning.
  16. Seems to be "ground zero" was the base of the fuse holder. I pulled the board tonight and cleaned it off some. It's burned through a square inch around the fuse base, which is totally gone. I highly doubt water damage, she was sealed and dry when I found it, and the other controller in the box was fine as well. Controller was in its 3rd year. Whole album of FB high-res photos here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.226301000781761.55775.149952898416572&type=3
  17. Long story short - did not power on tonight because of massive amounts of rain. Lots of wind too - went out after the rain stopped to fix some wind-toppled characters and smelled something burnt. Discovered this. Any ideas? Facebook has suggested a critter got in... Interested to hear any additional thoughts, as I'm just beside myself... ...And my hands reek of charred controller, and this soap isn't doing any good. Hah (Cross posted on PC & facebook group)
  18. - Uploaded my Straight No Chaser "We Three Kings"
  19. Below is my 2011 overview video. My display is 77,000 lights, including 36,000 lights in a 190 channel animated show, utilizing a mix of CTB-16D and CTB16PC controllers. The "Show" has a 14,000 light, 82 channel, 23' mega tree, as well as pairs of 5' and 10' color changing trees, 2x 12 channel leaping arches, and 8 color changing mini trees, sync'd to a selection of Frank Sinatra, Sheryl Crow, Straight No Chaser, Barenaked Ladies, and Mariah Carey. The static segment is also controlled by LOR in the form of a DIO32 card with 2x DIO8RLY daughter cards, utilizing the 16 15-amp channels to turn on and off the static display at night. All of the "show" lights are incandescent. Approximately 12,000 LED lights are utilized in the static scenes, as snow lights and water lights on the ground, and several of the bushes. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/33906995
  20. After hours email sent to LOR at 6:37PM. Reply received at 7:06PM. 29 minutes for after hours response? Customer service just doesn't get better then that! Apparently they expected people to be hooking up 18awg wires to these 16amp relays, thus why 8amp fuses were supplied. I guess I truly am crazy when I go cutting 6' 14awg air conditioner cords in half and hooking them up to the board to provide the ultimate computerized power switch for my static display! Anyhow, replacing with 15amp fuses did the trick... I'm now pulling the loads I expected to be able to pull. Again, thanks much to Dan for the very quick email reply and explanation.
  21. Desperately trying to finish. I purchased the DIO32 with 2 DIO8RLY daughter boards to turn the static portion of my display on and off with those nice 16 amp relays. However, I'm hooking up and blowing fuses left and right with what should be well less than 15 Amps (3800 minis). I pulled the fuses - the fuses in the board are 8A/250V - 8amp fuses? When I first saw them I thought 8A/250=16A/120... but is this not the case as there's no way I'm blowing 16Amps with whats plugged in. I have a few 15A/120 spares I bought at Home Depot but not nearly enough. Did LOR send me a board with the wrong fuses or is something else just not working right? Can I put what 15A/120 fuses I have in this board and not damage it? 2 weeks behind schedule due to weather/setbacks and desperately trying to light up for Friday's town holiday events Doing an emergency old-fashioned "plug it in" wiring job but really need to know what's going on here. Thanks, Panicked Stephen Blue (CC: Email to LOR Support)
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