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  1. I have had an Eclipse 4000 running now for 3 years with absolutely no problems and a wonderful range. It was made by Mobile Black Box (mobileblackbox.com).
  2. I had 2 CTB16PC controllers have the cat 5 sockets go bad. Lucky for me I just received a new CTB16PC controller I used to replace one, and I am using the second at the end of the line. I contacted LOR via their help desk and they sent me a return authorization number and instructions on what to include. I am up and running until today. A problem sprang up where the #1 controller just shut down, although controllers #2 & #3 continued to run. Seems that the controller is having a problem with line #4. First I thought that there was a problem with the light strings or extension cords, but testing found no problems either with the lights or cords. Once I removed the #4 extension cord from the CTB16PC the controller came live. I then hooked up the extension and lights that were previously Line #4 into Line #3, and the show is going on. Seems that Line #4 is now drawing a LOT of power and is always on, I'm not sure if a reset will do the trick or if the triac needs replacing. Anyone have a problem like this (I searched but could not find a situation like mine) ? Any suggestions?
  3. Someone provided me a small video of a small portion of one song. I have uploaded it to Vimeo. Here it is. https://vimeo.com/55830404
  4. Here is the update. What a fantastic time we are having. The rolling light show is an amazing success. We have Santa aboard the trailer along with some other local residents. The Village DPW made side rails for their 18 ft long landscape trailer and provided a truck to pull it. The led lights and extension cords were donated by 4 local community service groups. I donated the LOR PC16 controller and the mini director. I have my Sears DieHard 1150 / converter powering everything. The sound is from my Brookstone outdoor speaker system. I programmed 13 songs for the trailer. As we slowly cruise theough the Village streets and neighborhoods, the kids and the adults are coming out of their houses and are enjoying the music, shaking Santa's hand (and asking if they can have .... for Christmas). Every car that goes by honks and waves (using all of their fingers, not just one). This has been one of the most joyful things I have done in quite a while. The smiles, the laughter and the magic in the eyes of the children is something to see.
  5. I created and run an 'animation sequence' which basically turns on all the lights (to 70% illumination) from 5:00pm until 6:00pm when I start my musical sequences. After the musical sequences are done at 10:00pm or 11:00pm I run the animation sequence until 1:00am. You do need your computer running to do this. I normally let my computer run 24X7 throughout the Christmas season but I do a re-boot twice a week. The reason for the re-boot - I noticed that after a few days the music and lights were not in sync anymore (could be an older version of LOR software I used to run or the old computer I run my show on). Remember, if you do a re-boot to turn off any outside speakers or that wonderful Windows melody at shutdown and startup will be played on your outside speakers.
  6. Good luck - I live about an hour east of you. My show starts tomorrow (Village Christmas Tree Lighting tonight and didn't want to compete with them). Rick
  7. My first year I put on a song every 15 minutes with static light displays between songs. My second year I had a 5 minute break with a static light display between songs. Since then I have run continuously right through the program. My lights come on at 5:00pm, the shows start at 6:00pm and run until 10:00pm Sun - Thu, 11:00pm Fri & Sat. Then static light display until 1:00am. The first year I had speakers in the yard. The second year I added the FM transmitter. I found that I had a lot of people strolling through the snow (usually with cocktail in hand) to watch the lights and appreciated the speakers in the yard. For those that visited by vehicle they got to listen on their radio. I post a sign in the front corner of the yard with hours and the FM frequency to listen. Works fine for me and the neighbors.
  8. A slight change of plans - they are calling for some shovelable snow this weekend so I was on my roof today starting to put up my house lights. I plan on finishing the roof lights tomorrow. I hate being on a snow covered roof - it's not the fall that gets you - it's the sudden stop at the end. The rest of the lights can go up in the snow after the turkey (and stuffing and cranberries and yams and pie). I'm sure the Mayor will have someone taking videos along the way with Santa sipping on a beer or two.
  9. My last update before the rolling light show. The sequences are done, the PC16 and minidirector are tested, the sequences and music have been downloaded to the SD card, the Sears Diehard 1150 is fully charged, the 2500 new LED lights are here, and everything is together here in my man cave. I ran for 3 1/2 hours (each show is to be 3 hours) and still had 29% left on the Sears battery/inverter. The show ran beautifully from beginning to end. The Mayor has the Village DPW 4X4 truck, driver and the trailer. The DPW made mods to the trailer (side rails, etc) to allow passengers and to keep them from falling off in case there is any 'Christmas Cheer' passed among the honored guests riding on the trailer. We will be stringing the lights onto the trailer in 2 weeks, then we will be ready to go visit all the streets over 4 evenings to bring a little joy to each neighborhood. I'll let everyone know how it turns out, but everyone in the village is getting excited - the Mayor put an article in our village newspaper telling everyone about the show and the dates. I've had several calls asking if I was not putting on my own show in my yard and doing the trailer instead. Never fear - I'll be starting putting up the lights immediately after I gorge myself on turkey. Rick
  10. Hi Everyone, Just an update and a question. I am testing now using a Sears Die-Hard inverter 1150 with its own battery pack instead of a generator - much quieter - and it seems to be working. I am running 2060 led lights, a new LOR Showtime PC16 controller and a new LOR Minidriector. The audio system is battery powered and running from the Minidirector. I am now in testing and need to see how long it will run (I need about 3 hours). We will see. Now the question - I will only be using the new LOR PC16 for a total of 12 hours during this whole Christmas season. I was wondering if I could add these 16 channels to my home display (say for arches), modify my sequences to add the additional 16 channels and just remove the PC16 on the 4 evenings I need the controller for the rolling display and still have my home display run without any problems (with the missing controller). I did a search of the forum and did not fine any results. Any thoughts? Thanks, Rick
  11. Hi Everyone, I was contacted by the Mayor of our Village. He really enjoyed my LOR light show at my house. Seems he would like me to put together an LOR light display on a trailer with music so we can roll through the Village playing music with the choreographed light show (and the Mayor as Santa). Since I know the tow vehicle won't put out enough power using an inverter, I believe I would need a generator in the back of the truck to supply power to the computer, controller, lights and amplifier. I will be using a single CTB16PC for this show as well as new led lights (possibly as many as 64 strings) (it's a very small trailer and a very large Mayor). I have put on a light show the past 3 Christmas at my house so I do know a bit about LOR, sequencing and scheduling. Has anyone done anything like this? Will a Honda type generator provide enough clean power for the controller and computer? Any thoughts from any of you experts out there? Am I absolutely crazy to try something like this? Thanks, Rick
  12. Hi Jim, Yes, that is the file to add to the AVG exceptions list. Worked great for me - hope you have the same good luck. Let me know how it works out. Rick
  13. I see others have had this problem also, I went to the AVG virus vault, restored the file, added the file to the exceptions list and LOR is now running. I did not need to reinstall LOR software. Rick
  14. Been running LOR for a couple of years (Ver 2.9.4). Tonight as I was getting back to finishing a sequence after a week away from working on this sequence, my AVG anti-virus tells me that file c:WINDOWSsystem32vbalDTab6.ocx is infected with a trojan horse Generic26AIZU. Only options are to place the file in a vault with no access, leave the file where it is but AVG will not let me access the file, or delete the file. I do have a copy of the LOR 2.9.4 install exe on my system as well as the license info when I bought the LOR software. If I do need to re-install the software, are there any special steps (like removing the LOR software first)? Is the file vbalDTab6.ocx an LOR file or is it a generic windows file? Where do I start? The good news is that my light show is running on my dedicated computer and the problem I am having is on the computer that I do my development work. Any help would be appreciated. Rick
  15. Wonderful. It worked. I should have asked several hours ago. Really appreciate your answer. Now, if you have any pull with Dan, I sure could use that new controller Rick
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