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  1. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the edm with RDS uses a different main board than the other edm products. So I would say no, RDS cannot be added later directly to an edm transmitter that is not designed for RDS. However, I think I've seen RDS devices that can be added inline to an audio source before reaching the transmitter. So potentially it is possible, but the setup is more complicated. I use the edm-RDS model and love it. If you think you might even possibly consider RDS later, I would recommend getting it now even if you don't use it the first year.
  2. One thing I noticed not mentioned is that the EDM also has an adjustable range by changing the mW output dial. This way you get a high quality transmission with the shorter range you are looking for.
  3. Greg- Would it be possible to plug into a USB port a USB to Serial converter cable then attach the SC485-RJ45 serial adapter to run raw DMX? If not, could the SC485-RJ45 serial adapter be used for a reg LOR network with an iDMX-1000 in it? Thanks, Rich
  4. I'm not positive but you might try this. If you want sequence(song)1 to play once an hour and the rest to rotate. In the show editor build your show in the following way: Add sequence1, then sequence2, etc thru sequence9. Now add sequence2, sequence3, etc to sequence9 again but leave out sequence1. Then add sequence2, sequence3, etc. to sequence9 leaving out sequence1 again. So you should have sequence1 listed once and the rest listed three times. You stated your 9 songs take about 20 minutes to go through them all. With them entered as above, it should take about an hour to loop back to the beginning of the show(where song 1 is). You can add or delete a sequence entry to get the total time you want between sequence 1 looping. You can also change the delay time between sequences to alter the total time before looping. This won't be precisely on the hour but you can try it if close works for you. Note:first time thru may take a little longer as it loads sequences for the first time. Also set the show to play all songs before repeating(not random). Others may have a better idea, but this what I thought might work. -Rich
  5. Neil I still do not see how that is only 16 channels. 8 sets of light by (x)8 sets of lights = 64 sets. Visualize 8 strings laid out horizontally. Now lay out 8 strings vertically over top of the first 8. 16 strings total. -Rich
  6. It is possible that when you shut down the system one of the controllers lost it's ID and reset to "01". I had this happen when I unplugged a controller and plugged it back in. Do you have residential or ShowTime controllers? The showtime controllers have switches to set the ID's on their boards. The residential have to be set by a computer. If the Hardware utility is only seeing one controller but both have a solid LED status light, it is possible that both controllers think they are "01". A simple way to test is to turn on channel 1 of controller "01" in the hardware utility and see what your display looks like. If both your controllers turn on channel 1, then that's it. You'll have to reset one controller to controller "02". Make sure you only have the one you want to change on the network otherwise it will change both of them to "02". Hope this helps. -Rich
  7. I believe an 8x8 Matrix would require 64 channels. Or are you connecting two sections of the matrix to one channel, creating a mirror type image?
  8. I think it is a green laser kaleidoscope (like Spirit Halloween carries) pointed at a megatree that is turned off. -Rich
  9. I politely asked the help desk for an ETA on the CCB's on November 11th. They replied in a timely manner with the following: "Hello, We are not sure if we will have CCBs this year. We are still waiting on controller enclosures and only have a limited number of CCBs if we do start selling them. The issue now is that we fell so far behind on controller production because of late delivery of controller cards that we do not have the resources to assemble the CCB controllers. We will do our best and are sorry for the way things have turned out for our customers this year. Best regards, Dan Light O Rama, Inc. " I hope this answers your question. It looks like no ETA at this time. If they do release some, they'll run out quick. It's time to implement Plan B. Just remember, any sequencing you have done for CCB's puts you that much closer to being ready for 2012. (CCB's in the 2012 summer sale? We can only hope.) I sequenced for 16 CCB 50ct strings (megatree) I wanted back in February and March. Oh well I still believe LOR has the best customer service. -Rich
  10. I just noticed, it doesn't look like you have a star on top of your megatree.
  11. It looks like you have just a green outline of your driveway and curb. You could add blue and white to the outline to match the house if you have the lights. Or if you're feeling really ambitious you could add four arches over your driveway using four channels. This would help balance the amount of light from your mega tree on the other side. -Rich
  12. Rich

    'mega pole' help

    Try doing a search for firesticks. I think that is what they are commonly called here. Rich
  13. In regards to issue 1(the new pumpkins on the lawn with 5050 RGB's). One solution for next year might be Seasonal Entertainment's Rainbow spotlights. As seen on the thread "RGB Lawn Stakes using Rainbow Spotlights" in the My Christmas Display section. (I don't know how to link it to this reply. Sorry) It is a very similair setup. Just change the giant bulbs with pumpkins. The spotlights might be brighter than the 5050's. I'm not sure as I have not seen them side by side. Rich
  14. Awesome display! Eagerly awaiting the videos. I'm curious, do the straw bales kill the grass where they are sitting or do you support them off the ground somehow? If so, what do you use to support them? Rich
  15. I use the spiral dog tie-out stake to guy wire my 15 foot mega tree. They look like a giant corkscrew with a triangle shaped loop on top. You can find them at Lowes or Home Depot near the chain area. They run about $4.00 each.
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