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    One of my bigger light show projects.
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  1. I'm doing embedded systems which include CAN bus. The picture of the rings behind me holds the record for the second largest CAN bus system in the world with 750 nodes. The larges is shown on my web site with over 1500 nodes. www.autoartisans.com Main project that I swore I'd finish before I restart any others is CNC on my milling machine.
  2. Yet another year went buy with the LOR gear still in the boxes. But as I head toward retirement and try to extract myself from work-work (not easy) I want to start in the spring to build for the fall. And so I'm also interested in more ctb16 kits.
  3. Thanks. I won't bother them right now then. It did install on the new machine. That was #4 or #5. I may want it on my WIN-7 laptop so I can sit where it's comfortable designing new shows. I think the old VISTA laptop which has a battery that now lasts 30 seconds might also have a copy. So removing it from the two WIN-XP machines seemed like a good idea. Also from the VISTA laptop. I'll contact them in the new year when they aren't busy.
  4. I've scored a Lenova 4 core PC with 4GB and WIN-7 (64 bit). That means I can finally retire my old WIN-XP 32 bit 512K byte machine. My license is good for 5 installations. How do I remove it from the WIN-XP machine? I've not used up all 5 since I was able to install it on the Lenova but still the WIN-XP machine will be scrapped. How do I recover that installation? Thanks John
  5. It's been 3 years since I've had the opportunity to set up lighting but this year I think I'll have the time. Can't find the the DMX cables that go from my iDMX1000 but the old WIN-XP still boots up (needed new coin cell) and my Pro License for 5 PCs is still in place. But looking on the Lightorama web site the CTB-16KV6 doesn't seem to be there (the V6 part). The assembly manual is Version 2.03 from 15FEB2007. I never did install the switches or EEROM for stand alone shows. My show software CDs are marked 2.5.2 and 4.2.6 and I upgraded to a five seat license on 15NOV2009 and the 4.
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