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  1. you will think it a strange device since it only sits in the line between the source and output devices. it makes no other connection, but it works when its a ground loop problem. its a big wart on a cable. If everything you have its headphone jack connection add about 10 bucks to get to and from the RCA connections the GLI will have.
  2. Does Anyone Know Who Makes This

    Look for Flying Reindeer. should come up with a similar pose that could mix in well enough.
  3. Street Lights

    jimswinder wrote: thats if you're aimed at. If its aimed at a street lights sensor the beam is no where near hitting you. I've flown with TJ...he likes to fly with the tree tops... I'll have to rig up my AA weaponry then! Keep the lunatic at bay!
  4. Street Lights

    TJ Hvasta wrote: thats if you're aimed at. If its aimed at a street lights sensor the beam is no where near hitting you.
  5. Street Lights

    -klb- wrote: And potentially, 480V... At least that is what I have repeatedly heard was used for the parking lot lights at one facility. possible. sarium-krellied lighting is pretty intense.
  6. What NOT To Say To A Drunk

    I have these printed for.... parking challenged individuals.
  7. Street Lights

    If you cut it BEFORE the sensor... you are dealing with a always hot wire under one of the nuts.

    ace_master wrote: Hell a standard pair of scissors with a plastic handle can do it safely. Usually the first cut is sufficient to pop a breaker from the dead short.
  9. Full or Half wave lights?Half waves will appear to flicker when swung through the air. they tend to not play nice with dimming antics some work, others just flicker to drive you nuts. Fulls tend to be more dimming friendly. that said, I have some GE halfwaves that are dimming friendly. C6 size is dim friendly. the C9 size hates dimming and flickers.
  10. need a little math help please

    Figure out what 4.75 is and work back.
  11. Wrapping up ext cords a little too fast...

    Not in many years. Working construction has allowed me to perfect a rapid technique that prevents such unpleasant occurrences.
  12. Ya know... those of you wanted to get cheap RGB rigs could use the pingpong ball type idea. drill and secure the bulbs inside it. it will act as the mixer for the colors.
  13. Mega Tree Pole

    I had this concern with mine. it wobbled to much when i shook it after it was up and loaded. I added guy wires to the middle point in addition to the ones at the top. very stable after that. Getting it up is a pain. PVC is kinda like a limp noodle at 14ft long or so. even with a 10ft length of the next size down binding the two outer sections together.
  14. powered 120v shut off

    Not only that but over half the post itself says its dangerous. If he were to do it... well. Darwin would be proven right again.
  15. powered 120v shut off

    Why the hell do you think i prefaced it with DO NOT DO. bold, italic, and underlined? I expect people are generally intelligent enough to figure out that i would be a bad idea when i explained what would happen as a result if something went a bit wrong. And the chance of me being held responsible is about the same as you telling someone to "Go jump off a bridge" or similar to get across the point you want them out of your face. Just because they go and do it doesn't mean its your fault. It means they are an idiot.