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  1. ok, cool - thanks for your input. it's extremely valuable.
  2. yeah, i get it. i'm not an that advanced of a user. probably don't use all of the features.
  3. Never used the beat wizard, or perhaps i used it once and found it to be unreliable - when i create a musical sequence, I always start by listening to the song in 1/2x or 1/4x and use the tapper to turn on an empty channel for a fraction of a sec on each tap. That gives me a better view of where the beats are.
  4. Conventionally speaking, if i am not compelled to use a license, i will not use a license; You never know when you might need it - for example, if your 'player' pc dies and you have to rebuild it. The software is already restricted in terms of controlling lights/show if it's not licensed. So that is a great reason to use a license, but I wasn't aware, until last year, of the fact that sequences would be non-transferable from PC to PC if both PCs aren't licensed. I don't believe that is documented anywhere other than the forum. though, i can't say that i've read the whole software manual.
  5. Yes Phil - that's why i'm thinking about licensing the 'sequencing pc'
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the context. so let me see if i understand this correctly, if i use an unlicensed PC to create the sequences, then it's encrypted, and if i then copy the sequence to the licensed PC - i should not expect that to work. but if both pcs are licensed then, i should be ok. FTR, not talking about exporting as protected. thanks
  7. Hi, I've run into the well-documented issue of copying encrypted sequences from a non-licensed PC to a licensed PC. i had to get the help desk to decrypt them for me - saved my Xm-ass My licensed PC (the 'player') is in a remote location, whereas i do all my sequencing on my 'sequencing' PC at home. What's the best approach in this case? will i run into any issues if both PCs are licensed? I've read in other posts that "...only the PC that encrypted the sequence can decrypt it" - does that still apply if both PCs are licensed? any other considerations or better way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello All, I'm somewhat of a newbie when it comes to LOR. The RGB devices have peaked my interest, recently. I was wondering whether the RGB ribbon can be cut and how it can be easily connected to the CMB24D controller. LOR Help desk assures me that the ribbon can be cut every few inches... but they do not currently have any connectors... and that most people just solder the wires right on... questions: 1. anyone try this before and found an easier way than to solder the wires on? 2. being that it's low voltage, can I use CAT3 or CAT5 wire to connect the "CUT" ribbon to the controller? any experienced guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. I opened a case with support and here is what they had to say: How odd... it's either a suspicious string of lights or the triac controlling that channel is in the process of going bad. Let's hope it's the first because it's easy to fix. Some quick tests. Power off the controller and plug a different light load into the stuck channel. Power up and run your tests again. We've seen too many lighting products that behave out-of-the-normal because they weren't designed for animation environments. Another trick is to 'reverse the polarity' of the lights. Where the lights plug into the extension cord or power dongle, turn the light plug around 180 degrees and plug it back in. AC power is non-polarized but some light strings will act normal again by turning the plug around. One more trick used by the pros is to put a small incandescent light load on the troublesome light channels, usually at the end of the light string. Typically one incandescent C7 bulb does the trick... LEDs will then take on most of the dimming characteristics of the incandescent. If the problem is still there, let's do a board reset: If it's a 1600 series Generation 1 or 2 (metal enclosure and no LED display inside)), disconnect the power, set the unit ID switches to 0-0, and reapply power. The status light will blink very fast. Wait a few seconds, remove power, change the Unit ID switches back to where they were and reapply power. You've reset the board. If it's a 1600 series Generation 3 (metal enclosure with LED display inside), disconnect the power, press the up and down buttons simultaneously and reapply power. The display will show '0000.' Wait a few seconds, release the up and down buttons, the controller will be reset and return to normal operation in about two seconds. Now, run your tests again. If that doesn't work, they say, it's probably a bad triac.
  10. Mark h2o: thank you for your reply. I wish I had LEDs... so far only incandescent. thanks for the procedure i'll try it out later.
  11. So, i've looked around in the forum and it seems that i'm not alone with this issue. it sounds like i need to reset... but i've looked at the HW guide for my controllers and cant find the procedure. is there a doc somewhere where the reset procedure for a LOR1602W are detailed? Thanks
  12. I have 4 LOR1602W - Hardware utility reports firmware version CTB16D Ver 4.40. one of the channels seems to be always on. using the hardware console i was not able to shut the channel off. the funny thing is that it seems as though the channel is on at 50% intensity because when i turn the channel on from the hardware console to 100% the lights are brighter... move the dial down to 0 and the lights dim down to what seems like 50% intensity. i've unplugged the unit, powered it off and on again.. shutdown the LOR control panel, but it doesn't seem to do anything. i've also unplugged the lights off of the channel and waited a few seconds before plugging it back in... but they go on. any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. Adding a shutdown sequence did the trick... FTR, I created a 1 minute sequence with all channels off. Works beautifully. Thank you all for your feedback.. much appreciated.
  14. hi there, I've got a 32 chnl setup with the following show scheduled to run between 5:30 PM and 12:30 AM. What i'm trying to accomplish is the following: I want my 3 sequences to play all night (within the schedule) at 5 min intervals of each other... then loop arround. during the 5 minute interval, i want the lights to stay on... then dim down right before the next musical sequence begins... I've been able to get pretty close by scheduling the following show (all listed under Musical sequences): 5-min _animation_ sequence {Lights on for 5 mins, fade off last 4 seconds) Musical sequence 1 5-min _animation_ sequence {Lights on for 5 mins, fade off last 4 seconds) Musical Sequence 2 5-min _animation_ sequence {Lights on for 5 mins, fade off last 4 seconds) Musical Sequence 3 Then the show loops. No startup, No shutdown no delay in playing the sequences. That's working pretty nicely except for the fact that the last sequence that kicks off is a 5 minute animation sequences 2 mis before the end of the show (12:28AM) and obviously runs past the end of the show - however the lights never dim down and/or turn off for the remainder of the night. The expected / intended behavior is for that last sequence to run (even if a few minutes past the end of the show) and then have the lights automatically turn off and spare me some $$$... . BTW, I insert the 5 min animation sequence between each musical sequence because i haven't figured out how to keep the lights on between each musical sequence and only from 5:30 PM to 12:30 AM. What am i doing wrong? Any thougths on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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