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  1. Does cat 5 wire from iDMX carry same signal that the XLR cable carries? In other words, could you provide signal to DMX convertor box by LOR daisy chain by using RJ45 adapter to XLR to DMX convertor and convert back to RJ45 and complete the LOR daisy chain? I have conduit under my drive way and have 2 cat 5 wires in this 3/4" conduit. Problem is conduit is full because it has 2 phone cables and 2 TV comcast cables along with my 2 cat 5 cables. I want to add DMX to other side of drive way. If I must run 2 XLR cables, it would require new conduit or I could consider wireless. It would be great if I could use cat 5 cable and provide signals to 2 devices(LOR & DMX) but I have my doubts! I am awaiting answer from Dan on this but thought I would post it and see what ideas I get.
  2. Well it didn't take my smash and bash to solve my problem of HWU not finding my controllers on refresh. All I did was turn off power to each controller and after turning power back on, the HWU quickly located all 7 controllers and I am good to go and test as I set up my lights.
  3. Charles Thanks for the reply and yes I have had this recognition problem in the past but usually get it to operate normal by trial and test or smash and bash. Not happening this time but I will keep trying. Was hoping there was a better way of doing this and I asked Dan about it today but he gave me no answer. I guess there is no good answer. How do do you test out your lights at set up without HWU? I need to turn on certain channels to test out my lights at set up. I guess I could set up sequence to turn on certain channels for testing and will do this if I can't get HWU to do what it is supposed to do. Bill
  4. Thought I should give some type of final report on the ATG decoders and rope lights. I have all the 680' of LED rope lights up and running with 8 decoders controlling the lights from LOR. I had bit of problem setting the ID's but once I worked it out it went well. It ran great for 4 days and then quit as I could not turn off lights. With Dan's help at LOR he suggested checking polarity switch on iDMX1000. Sure enough it was in wrong position as I must have bumped it in moving the iDMX1000 to its final location. I also lost my monitor and this took place after installing nice new 20" monitor. I am most happy with these lights as they are bright and very vivid. Be happy to post some pictures if anyone is interested. Another minor problem came about after my downtime. When I refresh on my HWU, I can only find the DMX (16 units) and the last LOR unit 7 in my daisychain. All 7 LOR units work normally when controlled by sequences and all 7 controllers have solid red lights. Why are they not being reconized by HWU as they are all operational by sequences? Sure makes it tough to install lights when you can't test them on HWU. These all worked fine until I had the DMX problem and has not worked since and I have tried everything. Interesting that if I remove iDMX from the network by connecting my cat 5 cable direct to computer and bypassing the iDMX1000, the HWU still finds 1 DMX and my last LOR unit 7. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. Yes I agree that this decoder has two parts, one the power supply as you point out, the other side is a decoder to handle DMX. So far I have only run these decoders under test set up but I was able to assign IDs to all 11 units and they work very well with LOR control. I will be setting these up next week so we'll see how well they operate once they are daisy chained with my LOR. Bill
  6. Charles I had 2 controllers I was testing, one worked, one did not. One had logic board and 36 different settings for different color combinations with position 36 for DMX encoding. This controller worked OK. The 2nd was a decoder with reed switches for setting ID. This is the unit that would not do anything. When I received the 11 new encoders, they all worked great after getting ID's set which was a challange. I tried the old decoder after setting up all the new ones and it still would do nothing. I now have a decoder that would make a good boat anchor for a very small boat. Bill
  7. BILL VANDERSLICE wrote: Thanks Charles for the offer. I will wait until I get replacement unit and see if it works. I'm hoping they will exchange this unit if it is bad which I'm sure it is. Bill Charles Finally received my complete order from China and the were very fair as they sent extra decoder and didn't ask for bad unit to be returned. The good news is my 11 new decoders were able to be set up with LOR and iDMX1000 and work very well from LOR sequences. The only problem was setting ID's as LOR didn't want to reconize the reed switch settings on the decoders. I kept trying until I would find an ID that LOR would reconize and use it. I have units set with ID's of 10, 21 ,22 and 32. They all work so I am happy guy. Now to change my display but at least I know it is going to work. Bill
  8. Charles Belcher wrote: Thanks Charles for the offer. I will wait until I get replacement unit and see if it works. I'm hoping they will exchange this unit if it is bad which I'm sure it is. Bill
  9. klb I agree 100% with your analysis. I tried to do with attached schematic but couldn't handle the cross over voltage that existed on ac input side. Do you see any way to do this? Attached files
  10. jwilling wrote: Hi Doctor The pricing is $9.85 per meter of rope light. The 512 decoder is priced at $33 each. However the freight by DHL is $465 for 600' of rope light and 10 decoders. I now find out from their manual they build a different model U108 rope light that has selenium rectifier built into power cord. If this has neg neutral, it would be ideal to run direct from LOR. The K108 rope light has + neutral and operates on 120VDC. I tried for weeks to use (3) bridge rectifiers and run direct from 3 channels of LOR. However I had cross over voltage problem on input side of rectifiers. I could get 2 colors to operate normally but 3rd channel turned on all 3 colors of lights. I could handle this with relay to turn off 1st 2 colors but then I couldn't fade the channel with the relay. I tried diodes all over the place but couldn't handle the cross over voltage so finally gave up and decided to go with their 512 decoder. You can check out my schematic on "All About Circuits" under controlling multiple rectifiers. Wish I could post the link to this but don't how to do this! If you can't find it let me know and I will send you schematic if you have any interest and it sounds like you may. Bill PS See attached schematic on next post.
  11. Hey Z and Charles Update on the 512 decoder. After a week and numerous emails, they have finally decided to send a new 512. I told Dan at LOR that I wanted to hire him out and send him to China to teach them about customer support. They don't have a clue! Now to see how long it takes for replacement unit to get here by DHL. Bill
  12. Charles The LDI show in Orlando looks interesting and I would love to attend but afraid I would buy more and with my problems right now I don't want to chance adding anymore to them. I think your statement about not buying direct from China might make a lot of sense. I had 120vac to 12vdc adapter go bad after 2 weeks of use and have sent emails on this failure and they have not given me an answer but maybe they are too concerned with my decoder problem to worry about the inverter. Guess I should give them a chance before I badmouth them too bad. I can say this, it makes dealing with LOR a cakewalk comparing to my dealing with the Chinese. I did hear yesterday that I will have answer on decoder problem by Mon which is Sun night for us and it will probably be after midnight before I receive answer. Now how late do I want to stay up! Bill
  13. Charles No such luck! I have reconnected my 300RL controller by ATG and my LOR DMX does a great job of controlling the rope lights. This tells me the problem is most certainly with the 512 decoder. Since I have no way to manually test this decoder, I don't know if problem is in power side or DMX side of decoder. I have sent pictures and a schematic of how this is wired to the rope lights. It seemed 2 wires were not in sequence and this could be the problem! Will have to wait for reply from them after they look at my info. Will keep you advised and many thanks for your concerns. Bill
  14. Hey doctor, you are right. I checking out wiring on 1.5 amp converter plug and I reversed polarity to plug and the unit now powers up my 300RL controller. Plug had red & black wires. I assumed other line which was all white but had dashes for markings. I assumed this to be neutral so I mounted to black on this plug line. Put meter to it and now have central pin as positive. Should have used meter in beginning so dumb on me. Bill
  15. Well how interesting! I found new 1 amp converter and the 300RL fired right up and is operating normally with the new 1 amp converter. I agree that it should work with the extra amps but it doesn't. Go figure! Bill
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