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  1. I play porky pigs "that's all folks" 3 times and turn off each channel one at a time. It makes it look like someone is turning off each light switch.
  2. I have my sign set to 50% brightness and will blink it to full on for the first few seconds then back to 50% at the start of each song.
  3. Here is a video of my jack in the box. It's activated when people pus h the button https://www.facebook.com/218363661695111/videos/428640334000775/
  4. I use a IP camera and then give my family the IP address and password so they can log in and watch anytime they want.
  5. jlarson

    need help!

    Check the directions from this web page http://www.sandevices.com/
  6. The CCR's are connected and I can control the lights. They just go the wrong direction.
  7. Under the CCR tab in the hardware panel I noticed there is a "flip string" button but its grayed out. Any ideas or do I have to turn my CCR's manually around? Thank's for your help
  8. Hello All, I am dipping into the robotics this year and can use some help. I have a servodog from LOR. 2 6 volt servos and a 12 volt linear actuator. I can get the servodog and the servos to work but not sure how to tie the linear actuator into the mix. Any help or diagrams would be great. Thank You
  9. Hello All, I have been doing LOR for about 5 or 6 years now and during that time I have purchased a few controllers. My question is should I upgrade all 14 boxes to the latest firmware or leave them alone? A couple of them I still use to control different affects in my show but most of them just turn on and off my static portion of my display. Thank You for your input.
  10. I have ran relays with my show for a few years with no problems.
  11. Hello All, I am running 6 lor controllers, 4 CCR's and E1.31 for my display this year. I have the LOR split into 2 networks. The show runs fine on all the controllers. I told the software to leave the lights on between shows. At the end of the night I have it run a shutdown sequence and to turn all the lights off at the end. During the shut down sequence I turn all the lights off one at a time. I have one controller that will turn on random lights and will leave them on afterwards but works find durning the show. All lights on that controller are inconsedent lights. Any ideas what else to check for?
  12. I use 1/2 conduit and use conduit clamps to fasten to the screws holding the lights in.
  13. For the push button I take a door bell switch and cut the light bulb out.
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