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  1. Even though DMX protocol supports control of 512 channels. That does not mean you receive 512 dimmers. What Ken said is correct, DMX dimmers are usually more expensive than the LOR dimmers. This is the case because DMX dimmers usually have more of a load capacity than the LOR dimmers do. The standard for professional rack-mounted DMX dimmers is 2.5k-ish watts a piece. 48 channels of that is approx $14,000. Obviously there are cheaper ones with less of a load capacity but seems like a lot of hassle when the LOR hardware is working. I was using 10- 500w pars this past season on the LOR dimmers, no worries. If I end up upgrading those to 1k units then I would think about different dimmers.
  2. Hello LOR folk, This fall I transferred colleges! I'm now not in Illinois but all the way in California. I go to CalArts and study theatrical lighting design. This year, for my display back in Chicago, we're running 135 amps of lights, even though we have less than 20k lights. My goal was to make the tree the centerpiece of the display. I wanted to create as much texture as possible on this tree, and to do this used a combination of c7's and c9's to light up the tree. To illuminate the tree I used a combination of 500w par-cans, floods, and LED pars. Because I was using this stage lighting, I had to draw up my space in 1/4" scale and do the photometric work sheeting to determine the lamp size, beam spread and my overall foot-candle output. I did multiple tests on a sample of the tree greenery to see how it would take certain colors and what wattage they must be. We also hung a pipe of Parcans from the house, this provides backlight and once it snows should provide a different color on the ground.
  3. Unfortunately, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong. You won't be able to use the RGB unit personality that LOR has provided in the SE. HOWEVER, that is not to say that you cannot use this instrument. It's perfectly possible to use this instrument, however in the SE you have to set up 6 channels labeled "Pods" one labeled " strobe" and one labeled "pre-programmed, macro, Etc." You will then have to sequence keeping in mind that different intensities on the same channel will control your 0-255. Meaning, at 50% or so the first pod will be in blue, but at 100% it will be at white. If the macros/pre programmed effects work for you, you might be able to get away with throwing them in as it will save you some sequencing time. However they might end up looking a little "wedding dj-ish" if they're too flashy or aren't what you were thinking.
  4. Light-O-Rama: Pallet Ribbon Light-O-Rama: Color stripe
  5. Its called "homing", the lights need to just make sure they reach their stopping point so when you "Focus" the light, it'll actually be at the same place every time. If you listen your gobo and color do this too to find their "Open location"
  6. buynow42 wrote: Art, This is referring to buisnesses who use the LOR software/hardware to do the big marquee signs. Not the LED scrolling signs.
  7. Don, If you can swing it, I'd go for the 1602 first, I originally did, and then when you expand, you can get the Pc-ctb16's and it will control it. I know that i've used my 1602 at least on 5 occasions just for the standalone feature. And being my first time with LOR, It was alot easier to just learn the in's and out's of LOR, Without the additional trouble of assembleing the board myself. Just my 2 cents. -Nick
  8. Doug Amazing Idea! I was thinking about the Molex, but now I think its going to be a for sure deal. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I think the Menards at 159th and harlem has plastic boxes...but don't quote me.
  9. Yeah we have 12 of them only about 5" wide. We've decided to take 25w candlabra bulbs and paint them a couple of times with stained glass paint, and stick them in there as well. Thanks for your help.
  10. For our next traveling show, (the patchwork quilt) we're going to have wall sconces and my director wanted them to change colors during the show. (when a flashback happens) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to accomplish this. Thanks.
  11. Woah, That's really cool, I too can't wait to see St. patty's day Keep up the good work!
  12. michael.farney wrote: The fog machines keep themselves warm, and you control the fog output, just like if you kept it plugged in and hit the button..only with LOR.
  13. About the diffusers, for about $6 a sheet, Rosco produces a "Light tough silk" It has lindentations running the length of the sheet, It's used on Cyc lights which are taller then they are wide, and by putting the lines a diffrent direction it will widen the beam. If you put it over your Lights, it will widen them alot. even tested with a flash light normal beam is 1" with this it gets to be a little more then 3". Its R160 in the roscolux line of Gel.
  14. I think it acts as a color wash also....Just my guess.
  15. Nope, try: right click on the icon in the tray (little Light bulb), select "Disable shows". And make sure that the hardware utility is closed, ctrl+alt+delete> processes, and see if LORHardware is running. If it is, close it.
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