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  1. Did this issue get resolved? I'm still at a loss as to how to add the second string. All the options for 2nd string flipped, etc. are grayed out as the poster above referred to. What am I doing wrong? I'm lost. I set up the strings in the HU as shown in the guide...I've attempted to run basic colors in the Sequencer, and nothing shows up, not even on the first string. I'm having no issues with CCR's, only CCB's. I have 2 CCR's, and they work fine, so I know I'm setting up the RGB and macro channels correctly. There's some small thing I'm missing here.
  2. Nice job on the faces... The whole stage is very well thought out, scale is great.. What Type of projection are you using? Is that one or three projectors? What are you using for the animation?? Great ideas.....oh, to find room in the yard!!
  3. News from Fresno doing a story on our house: http://www.kmph.com/story/15876157/spooktacular-halloween-display-in-merced?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=6386441#.TqgscXKF_uE.email
  4. + 1,000,000,000!! great job. Someday when I grow up I wanna be like you! Congrats on all the success. Nice to be validated, im sure...and all of us get more looks from your work.... I about did backflips when the local news here showed up, but GMA and CNN?? Might not have remained conscious...
  5. While I don't have the technical stuff in my display (RGB next year!!!), I'm proud of it!! 64 Channel LOR.... Night of the Wolf: ----- Thriller (of course...needs a good remake from someone, no?? Or is that now sacrilege now that MJ is gone???) In Merced, Ca
  6. TSmith

    A big thank you to all

    Another BIG DITTO! Thanks for everyone, from those brave enough to ask the 'stupid' question (for us NOOBS, NO question is too easy!) to those willing to have the patience to post the LONG explanations...
  7. Our first year running LOR, 10,200 lights on 16 channels... a HUGE THANK YOU to SO many people in here, while this is my first post, I can tell you I've crawled through this site for probably days on end looking for help... I wanted to post something a little different, from what I've seen....we had a 30 minute show this year, looking forward to a longer one next year!! Jingle Bell Rock- Thousand Foot Krutch Run DMC- Christmas in Hollis Again, THANK YOU LIGHT-O RAMA, and all the members in here who make this 'easier' than it could be!! Next year I'm looking to move to 80/96 channels, and push 30k lights....only 300 days roughly left to get ready for Xmas 2010!!
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