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  1. Ebuechner, Whats more funny is that I have at least 6-7 boxes of them yellow and red. I use them on phone wires usually at the d mark.. Never though of using them for that. Would be messy, and would need to separate the ribbon wire more. I like to stagger the 3 wire by 1/4" solder about 1/8" to 1/8" exposed metal(not sure what metal the Chinese use, I can tell you is not copper) I use a small dual wall over the individual wires followed by a larger over all them. I like to make sure the can be submerged. Being in the field where I do this stuff for a living. there is no other way to do it without a possible call back...Lol my roof has a 4-5 pitch, so its not bad as long as no ice. if were ice i'd just leave them on simple color wash or single color till I was able to get to them. Agreed on safety first.
  2. Sizzler


    Cool thanks for the info. I had gotten a few pics from there a few months ago. Don't think was there then? Or wasn't interested in it at that time maybe? Who knows I usually download them anyway. Never know when may need. I'll head over to site when I get back home. Been a few days or more since there. It's a busy time of year for us all right now..I just want to drink a large pot of hot coffee. lol Thanks again.
  3. Ok changed out #16/17 nodes and now all is good.? Finally the sequences look like they are supposed to. I didn't realize how much they weren't working till now. I just figured was a bug in sw. And I was going to fast at times. They now all keep up and no more sticking or out of color pixels. Bad part is for whatever reason output15 on pixcon is not outputting data. Have power but no data? Switched to my empty number 16 and all works now. Will look more into non working universe 15 in January. Fuse is good. I'm done fixing for now. Had super strong winds today and very cold. Standard soldering iron(40 watt) could barely melt low temperature solder. And forget about how many lights I tried to shrink 8 pieces of dual wall. I had to bring full sized rework station on roof. It went nice and fast as soon as had right equipment up there. This summer getting full spare sets for roof. I have plenty more of the channel I used. Going to have sets made to section sizes so can do a 5 minutes switch of whole section next time and fix other in nice warm garage. lol my mega tree is holding nice . Have about 10 pounds pull on each strip with about 12" of bungee on bottom. Nice
  4. Sizzler


    Anyone have any grinch pictures or sequences made for 16 strip by 50 pixel for your a mean one mr grinch? Thanks email me DonCudak@gmail.com
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy8zsggjglojtsk/Photo Nov 21%2C 10 36 54 AM.jpg?dl=0 this is what I have them in 16' long tied with elastic rope every 10'. to make install fast. Have to lift enough to slide nodes out to solder and dual wall heat shrink. Now on to top it off. When I pooped breaker on one of the ps outputs I had the voltage sensors after breaker which caused 14.8 volts which appears as I watching video that burnt out my arches. It doesn't end. Maybe I'll get lucky and find something stupid. I had the whole thing apart then back real fast maybe a wire came off the little green Phoenix connector. Fingers crossed
  6. Forgot to answer that one. I forget exactly how it's stated, but when in pixcon setup screen where you pick your spi output type. There I remember some kind of check box for fast? I can log into the setup if needed to read again if no one can comment on remembering what it said. I hate going into that menu because twice before by accident I click some check box without realizing (you only need to single click, and sometimes I double click so it checks box in menu before it appears. What like no one else did it? Lol) anyway using xlights so if one number anywhere changes I have to rerender all the sequences. Every time I add something or move it, have to rerender all. But it is still faster I think then lor. Right now. I've been up to my ears redoing all my sequences to new plat form. Then a hardware issue takes away from my only time to sequence. Have maybe 12 done now and hope to do maybe 4-5 more till I quit for this year. I feel like a crazy man at times with this. Just want to relax and enjoy like I use to. Before I switched over to all pixels.....
  7. Just have to add I hate iPads and Dropbox. There I feel better..:)
  8. All the spots where you only see 16-17 light up the whole roof is supposed to be on
  9. They are sequenced to go along with bottom. If I just try to light the one 37 bulb long string only the first 16-17 come on. If I do a repete on it then all 37 will light. Like I said what's weird is that when first turn on cold they work fine.
  10. Sorry for delay in getting back. Had some issues with a 40 amp D.C. Breaker for part of display. Anyway George they are Ray Wu technicolor ( ones with straw hat led not the 5050) total connected are 1950 nodes, but the one channel/strip having the problem with is universe 10 with a total of 146 nodes. Problem is after pixel 17. Using e1.31 network to single pixcon16 then only using 1 DMX universe off that controlling only 80 DMX channels. I have 3 server ps linked with current sharing for total off 147amp @12v DC. I am using 10awg 189 strand oxygen free sound stream wire to distribution blocks with no more then 20 amp load off either 10wire run for injection points with voltage sensors so I get a smooth 11.93 at any point(this is what I do for living). I know it's not a power issue. The pixels are spaced at 8". I have the same but with more pixels(156) on soffit universe #11 with no issues, so I switched my cables and universes around ( roof does same on different universe and different cable ) what's weird is sometimes it will be fine for an hour or more then it acts up again. It's doing more frequently not so I believe is a bad ws2811 chip, but is it the one that lights or the first one with a problem lol. I'm going to cut out both just sucks cause I have them in a aluminum channel to keep out of weather I'll post pictures of that also. PC is core i7-6900k with 20gigs of memory, so I know is not even close to an issue, I had it running other things plus browsing online running quad gigabyte network (yes I do networking-very large buildings racks of patch panels,lol) being that is more profound now I am pretty sure is pixel. Please check video and comment.Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/l/scl/AABvpbFXoxnQXy6jMxiqkek2CTwWOyS4OJQ
  11. Sizzler


    Anyone have 16 strip by 50 pixel mega tree pictures or sequence for your a mean one mister Grinch? Thanks DonCudak@Gmail.com
  12. Ok I've been pulling hair trying to figure this one out, and think is a bad pixel? When there is a fast command sometimes only the first 17 light up. And also I noticed that when doing a random strobe or twinkle the nodes after that are sometimes different color then should be, or after fast command some pixels after the first 16-17 get stuck on. I'll include some pictures trying to blue tooth video from phone to laptop, taking forever....lol I post video later, it works well 80% of the time. I was also thinking of maybe just maybe switching pixcon16 off fast to slower if that wold work or not? I'll have video up soon I hope...lol opps I have to resize... Ok link o files coming real soon
  13. Here is a link to short video, if you pause it you can see its on one side then the next(strip 15 then 16/back and forth)
  14. Ok I'll start with a little of my setup. I have a Pixcon 16 running in e1.31, no problems at all with network setup. off the first 8 outputs I am running a mega tree, and am experiencing a problem on the last strip( I have 8 100 node strips in half (1 zigzag) to make a 16x50 180degree tree) on the number 8 strip/really 15-16. If running lets say bars of colors up or down I get at the change of color one pixel out of place(for reference lets say I have red then green 10 nodes each from top to bottom nodes 1-9 are red #10 is green then #11 is red then 12-20 green. It does the same on the #15 strip, and #16 strip. Most don't notice it but I do. It does the same in lor or xlights, so I thought it maybe the strip/bad node? so I switched port 7 and 8 where port 7 did last strip, and the strip worked fine like that, so ok strip is good. I then switched it back at tree side(so now i'll see if maybe a cable issue?) but nope same thing. port8 output on 2 different strips/2 different cables same out come. Now here's where the issue maybe? Ready ports 1-7 I have configured as 100 pixels with 1 zigzag, port 8 I have as 150 pixels with 2 zigzags. I have a 50 Node star that comes off last strip. I have left star unplugged and strip does same. Star appears to work fine. I have so many sequences done with the star being pixel numbers 801-850 channels 2401-2550. I don't see why it would matter that one port is controlling 50 more pixels then first 7, but it must have something to do with it?? Should I try it with 1 zigzag less? i'll try and get picture/vid of problem if needed. Anyone have ideas without me having to rid star? Thanks
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