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  1. DMX with Geyser Fogger - Fog but no lights

    If you're putting up channel 4 and getting fog, it does sound like an address issue, did you try putting up channel 10 (the dimmer channel) to see if that changes anything.
  2. Timing different for play range

    Are you using variable rate MP3s?
  3. DMX with Geyser Fogger - Fog but no lights

    What are the specific channels for the fogger? Most likely, you need to have the master up at 100% before you'll get lights. I believe these forgers have different channel count configurations. Do you have the fogger set to the configuration you're actually using via DMx? I actually use the same fogger with pure DMX all the time in a theatre setting, so I'm sure it's a simple fix.
  4. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I'm not trying to push my ways on anyone else, just saying what I do and what works for me!
  5. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I may have misspoke...while the show is not playing, there are lights on and music being broadcast with teasers like "the show will start in 3 minutes." Of course your opinion may differ from mine, but I like the idea of the anticipation of a show about to happen, so the waiting just amps up the excitement! I'd rather leave my audience wanting more than leaving half way through my show.
  6. How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I think I may run the shortest show of anyone! The past few years the show has been about 10 minutes long running every 15 minutes. This year, I'm hoping to redo the entire show with a completely new custom soundtrack and an animatronic. I know time is slipping by quickly, but my schedule allows me a good chunk of time in October and November that I can devote to it! I expect this year's show will be between 7 and 9 minutes long! Of course, if my ideas become bigger than reality, I can fall back on running last year's show until the new show is up and running.
  7. Sale?

    I ordered the day the sale started, received my items last week, and used the Try For Free promo!
  8. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I have located a win XP disk. I think I'll start from scratch and see what happens. That way I won't waste any time! This computer's only job is the light show, so I'm not really losing anything except for all the accumulated junk that I probably don't need anyway! Of course, if any of you have a good reason to not start from scratch by re-installing XP, let me know! I plan on doing this sometime next week.
  9. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I thought I wiped the registry manually, but maybe I missed something. Where would I find the LOR wipe program?
  10. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I finally had time to work on this. I just updated to 4.3.18, created a new show, did a scndsk in safe mode, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the LOR software. When running a show schedule, it still crashes for me. Attempting to find my winXP disk to return the computer to factory default to see if that fixes the issue!
  11. So confused!

    So, to start this conversation, I've been having issues with my computer crashing a previous version of Lightorama, so I figured that while I'm fixing things, I'd see if I could upgrade the version of software I'm using. I just did a license check, and it states the following: "Your license does not cover the latest version, 5.0.*. To use this version, you will have to purchase a license renewal. However, you can continue to use version 4.8.* or lower without renewing your license." When going to the download page, I can't find a version that is higher than 4.3.18. Does this mean that I'm able to download the newest version of the software for use without a license renewal, or am I missing something? Normally, I'm pretty savvy about this type of thing, but this time, I'm stumped! Any help is appreciated!
  12. LORMonitor has stopped working

    I'm waiting to update, but I am still having the same issue. I've pinpointed it to a specific show running. I'm not sure if the show file is corrupt or the song file in the show is corrupt. When I have time I'll rebuild both the song and the show to see if the problem is fixed. I'm hesitant to upgrade until after the season is over. My temporary solution is to remotely log into the show computer every day at the appropriate time and reboot. I'm then able to get through the night with no issues. I'll be interested to hear if you figure out your issue.
  13. Moving Light Heads??

    With advances in technology, pretty much any moving head light from any reputable company will do what you want. It comes down to doing your research to find the price point and features you're looking for. I'm currently using Chauvets at a theatre that I really like, but I use Mac Entours for other lighting projects. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Id recommend looking at a company that handles dj grade gear. At that level, you'll get the build quality you need without breaking the bank. It's the pro grade gear that will start to get pricy. ADJ, Chauvet, Elation are all fine DJ quality brands (at least with my experience). Hope this helps!
  14. LORMonitor has encountered a problem

    Here's an update. First, here's how my show schedule works every night: All my songs are musical sequences. 4:30-4:31 lights on sequence runs. This turns on a static display until I start the show. 4:50-4:52 lights off sequence runs. This turns off the static display. 4:52-8:56 show runs. 8:56-8:57 lights on sequence runs again. This turns on the static display after the "show" 11:00-11:01 Lights off sequence runs again. This turns everything off for the night. After observing for a few days, I realized that once I got the error, everything would run fine except for the lights off sequence. When that sequence would start, the lights would just shut off, and the sequence wouldn't run. If I would clear out the error, lights off would run the way I expected it too. Every other sequence would run fine with the error, just not lights off. Last night, when I got home, the show was running, but the error was triggered. I cleared out the error, and the watched the entire show run, and watched lights on sequence run. No error last night. I also saw that the final lights off sequence ran fine (the log shows that song ending, which it wouldn't show when lights off didn't run correctly). This morning, another error! I did run the verifier, and I fixed a few conflicting channels in my lights on sequence, but other than that and a bunch of "this channel is unused" codes and I didn't have the program set to clear the memory, there were no weird codes. As of now, everything is reset, and I'm hoping I've found the problem!
  15. FM Station Display Signage Question

    I finally made a sign this year. The paint is still drying (my timeline this year got pushed back terribly, but that's a story for another thread), so I don't have a picture of it in it's native habitat, but it's just a simple piece of plywood that I painted. I have a solar light that I usually keep in the back yard around the fire pit recycled to light it for the show. With it getting dark so early, the battery lasts just long enough to keep the sign lit until the show comes down every night. It saves me from using a LOR channel for "just" a sign, and it looks nice nestled in among the shrubbery in front of my house!