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  1. Here’s the final result. We had over 109 trick or treaters, and everyone loved the experience!
  2. Because I am at work when everyone else is at home, most of my set-up happens all day Mondays and Tuesdays. The only comment I've ever gotten is "When do you put up your decorations? One day nothing is up, and the next day the whole house is decorated!"
  3. Oliver Blatt

    start up Halloween

    I actually have everything up and running for my first Halloween display a week early. I am doing my best to wait until October 1 to turn everything on! I ran a test the other night, just to make sure I was happy. Disabling that show on command was one of the hardest things I've had to do recently! lol
  4. Oliver Blatt

    Strobe Lights?

    I don't think this is a dumb question at all, but I do think that unless you are running strobes almost continuously, you have nothing to worry about. I often wonder about it when I see the stop lights with the strobes in the red lenses. Where I work, (a theater) we run the standard "this show may contain strobe lights" disclaimer in the program, and in 22 years I've only had one person ask me when the strobe lights were being used in a show so they could be prepared for it. But, I agree...we can't be too careful in today's day and age.
  5. I actually grabbed the bird on Amazon, but at Walmart the other day I saw a few other skeleton animals. I grabbed a cat to add to the menagerie for next year!
  6. Thanks. I never would have believed it either, but last year we ran out of candy 45 minutes after the night started!
  7. I'd always been a Christmas light guy, until last year when we discovered that trick or treat night in our little town is a really big deal. So, this year, we're starting our decorating early! I had always wanted to do some animatronics that were fun, but still not such a big project that I would lose interest. So, here is Monty, the scared of Halloween bird. He'll be hosting our trick or treat night show, which will be relatively simple, but still much more than we've done in the past. Monty took about 3 hours to construct, and maybe 6 hours to record the audio (all 6 minutes of it!) and program. I know programming is still a bit rough around the edges, but he's almost ready to go. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Oliver Blatt

    Did anyone/everyone get their stuff?

    I got my "try for free" stuff last week. I finally had a chance to play with it tonight. I think I ordered pretty close to the end of the sale.
  9. I recently picked up a Crazy Bonez Tweety Bonez bird skeleton to convert into an animatronic for Halloween. I'm wondering if anyone has worked with any of these skeletons, as it looks like I'll need to do some attachments in order to mount the servo guide wires to control the mouth, head turning, and wings moving. Any advice on glues or solvents that will stick is greatly appreciated, before I go through three or four glues that just make a mess and aren't strong enough!
  10. Oliver Blatt

    Preview editor.

    Correct about S5!
  11. Oliver Blatt

    Preview editor.

    That would be the LOR Visualizer.
  12. I run the same type of schedule. I created 3 different shows, a lights on show, a lights off show, and the actual show. To make life easier in the schedule editor, my lights on and lights off shows are each 3 minutes long. I created them as musical sequences but with no music in them. Make sure you have the lights set to stay on when each sequence ends. my schedule is as follows: 4:30-4:37 lights on show 4:57-5:00 lights off show 5:00-9:00 2017 show 9:00-9:00 lights on show 11:00-11:03 lights off show doing it this way allows an accurate start time for the real show, and you can easily adapt this to have shows start whenever you want with the lights on static between shows. It’s important to realize that my lights on and off shows are a few seconds longer than 3 minutes, so they don’t repeat. They play once, and then the lights stay in their current state until the software plays a new show. i hope this makes sense! There is a lot of flexibility in the scheduling of shows if you think a bit outside the box with the schedule editor.
  13. Oliver Blatt

    Free Christmas Songs not under copyright

    So the issue here is that the composition may be public domain, but the recording of it may not be. Copyright law is relatively complex, but a quick search on google will net you a list of compositions that are in the public domain. If I recall correctly, anything copyrighted before 1923 is public domain. So, that would make some carols (Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, etc.) public domain, but it can be tricky. For instance "Carol of the Bells" melody is PD, but the lyrics are not. You say the school doesn't want to use media that is copyrighted. Do you mean compositions, or recordings, or something else?
  14. Oliver Blatt

    Newbie with controller issues (LOR1602W)

    After re reading Leftys post, it sounds like neither controller is responding. Have you purchased a software license?
  15. Oliver Blatt

    Parts of display not working

    Have you double checked that you didn't inadvertently assign the same controller Id to multiple tracks in that sequence?