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  1. I'm slightly paranoid this year since the show computer crashed during last year's Christmas show and also this year's show. But now that it's been running successfully for two weeks with no glitches (I did end up buying a new computer! lol) I'm slightly more relaxed.
  2. The big problem with DMX for any potentially dangerous effects is that it is way too easy for the signal to get interrupted or stopped, potentially triggering the effect when you don't want it to go. There are much better systems for pyro, show control (automated sets, etc) than DMX. I don't have the specifics on it, but the thought of DMX controlling any type of pyro device really makes me nervous!
  3. Came home tonight to audio randomly cutting out, or lights randomly freezing. I messed around with the old tower I brought home from work (there was a reason we weren't using it anymore!) for about 30 minutes and decided the best bet was to drive to the local big-box store and invest in a new show computer. An hour later, and all is well in the lightorama world! Back up and running...and wow, these songs sound fast after the past few days of slowing playback!
  4. If that's the case, this will be my second hard drive failure in two months! My work laptop just got a new hard drive at the end of October!
  5. So I actually was able to sit and watch/listen to a good chunk of the shows tonight...and it was interesting. For the most part, the show played as expected, with the music still glitching. And glitching isn't exactly the right word. It's more like playback is slowing down, so songs are playing longer and slower. During one song (and it only did it one time during the entire night) the playback just about crawled to a halt. I thought the show would crash, but after about 10 seconds of playback slowing down and and speeding up before slowing down even more, playback finally resumed its "glitchy" but almost normal playback for the rest of the night. My show has a filler sequence between show that is static lights with music playing, and then 4 sequenced songs. The filler is 6 minutes long, and the four songs are about 13 minutes long to give a grand total of about 19 minutes. I have my schedule timed to go into shutdown as the last of the four songs plays. Tonight, the first of the four songs was playing as the show entered shutdown mode...by my calculations, that means that there was enough slowing/glitching of the playback to add about 12-13 minutes to the shows over the course of 4 hours! Yikes! Again, I'm pretty sure my solution is to replace the computer, but I thought you might be interested to hear what I discovered tonight!
  6. Just to make sure I'm looking for the right thing, the inputpup just needs the circuit to be closed to trigger, right? It seems that all the PIR sensors I'm finding are outputting a voltage when they are triggered, or am I reading that incorrectly?
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I did clean inside the computer last year when I thought it was DOA, because it wasn't recognizing the memory card. Gave everything a good cleaning and I was back in business. I remembered that I have a spare computer at work that I can "borrow" for the rest of the season, and I'll wait to purchase a new machine until after the season is over.
  8. That video is great! I've wanted to add a trigger to start my show for a few years, but was intimidated by the set up and programming options. Now I just have to find a motion sensor to use!
  9. It's definitely not an issue with overdriving the transmitter or speakers. I've dealt with that already and it's a different sound. I did double check by removing the transmitter from the mix, and going straight into the speakers I use when sequencing, and it glitches all the time even during super soft sections. And for some reason, I think I'm the only guy in the world who gets great results running the computer audio at 100% and the transmitter at 25%. Anything higher on the transmitter and I overdrive the audio...even with the computer turned down to 50% or lower sound volume. At least the show is running, but I think I'll be replacing the computer very quickly before it goes down for good. While I have most material backed up already, I'll back up the most recent sequencing changes that I did last week tonight once the static show ends for the night.
  10. Well, I think the time is finally coming where I have to replace my show computer. Yesterday I happened to be arriving home at exactly the right time to watch the show go into startup mode. As I sat in the driveway watching the seconds tick down to startup (yes, I make sure my show starts EXACTLY on time!) I sat and waited, and waited, and waited. Interesting...as the show was running fine at least two nights earlier when I was last home to watch it. I came in the house and turned on the the computer monitor to see a blue screen of death saying something about recovering for a fatal error and windows needing to close. I rebooted, and started the control panel and enabled the schedule. The computer said the show was running, and I verified that the lights were on. However, maybe 20 minutes later, the lights weren't on! So I disabled and enabled the schedule again and the show seemed to run fine. Tonight, the show started up just fine (it is a static display before the musical show starts later in the evening), but when I got home again the musical show was running, but the audio was really glitchy. That being said, the lights were in perfect sync with the music, but as a professional musician, I was just about going crazy listening to the playback. I came in the house, rebooted the computer, and the show had the same issues...glitchy audio. Ahh. I did some cleaning of the computer (not much, as it's a stripped down older computer that only has LOR and Firefox installed on it running Win XP. Not even connected to the internet except when downloading LOR software!) and did a reboot. When the computer rebooted, the windows login sound played...and that was also glitchy! I restarted the schedule, and the music started, but the lights didn't turn on, so I disabled and enabled the schedule again and now the show is running, but still with glitchy audio. I did look at task manager and when the show is running I am using between 8% and 11% CPU. The computer is not on the internet so there shouldn't have been any drivers that tried to update but failed. While this post is more of a vent to (hopefully!) sympathetic ears, for all you computer gurus out there, is there anything I should check on the computer before I just invest in a new machine? I realize the current machine is 15 years old and has served me well for the past few years, but maybe it's time. Thanks for listening, and I hope everyone else is having a better night in light show land than I am at the moment!
  11. I don't have too much experience with motion sensors, but the one application I've used them, it always seemed like the beam spread was too wide! I was constantly trying to keep things from triggering! I'm not sure how wide of an area you need to cover, but I'm sure motion sensors work.
  12. I know this sounds silly, but can you just unplug power from the snow machine when people aren’t there? The show will run as normal, but no snow. The other option (not sure how your snow machine works. The one I use does not have a “warm up” time) would be to put a motion sensor that turns on power to the snow machine. The. If people are there, it’ll snow...if not, no snow!
  13. Here’s the final result. We had over 109 trick or treaters, and everyone loved the experience!
  14. Because I am at work when everyone else is at home, most of my set-up happens all day Mondays and Tuesdays. The only comment I've ever gotten is "When do you put up your decorations? One day nothing is up, and the next day the whole house is decorated!"
  15. I actually have everything up and running for my first Halloween display a week early. I am doing my best to wait until October 1 to turn everything on! I ran a test the other night, just to make sure I was happy. Disabling that show on command was one of the hardest things I've had to do recently! lol
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