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  1. Oliver Blatt

    Preview editor.

    Correct about S5!
  2. Oliver Blatt

    Preview editor.

    That would be the LOR Visualizer.
  3. I run the same type of schedule. I created 3 different shows, a lights on show, a lights off show, and the actual show. To make life easier in the schedule editor, my lights on and lights off shows are each 3 minutes long. I created them as musical sequences but with no music in them. Make sure you have the lights set to stay on when each sequence ends. my schedule is as follows: 4:30-4:37 lights on show 4:57-5:00 lights off show 5:00-9:00 2017 show 9:00-9:00 lights on show 11:00-11:03 lights off show doing it this way allows an accurate start time for the real show, and you can easily adapt this to have shows start whenever you want with the lights on static between shows. It’s important to realize that my lights on and off shows are a few seconds longer than 3 minutes, so they don’t repeat. They play once, and then the lights stay in their current state until the software plays a new show. i hope this makes sense! There is a lot of flexibility in the scheduling of shows if you think a bit outside the box with the schedule editor.
  4. Oliver Blatt

    Free Christmas Songs not under copyright

    So the issue here is that the composition may be public domain, but the recording of it may not be. Copyright law is relatively complex, but a quick search on google will net you a list of compositions that are in the public domain. If I recall correctly, anything copyrighted before 1923 is public domain. So, that would make some carols (Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, etc.) public domain, but it can be tricky. For instance "Carol of the Bells" melody is PD, but the lyrics are not. You say the school doesn't want to use media that is copyrighted. Do you mean compositions, or recordings, or something else?
  5. Oliver Blatt

    Newbie with controller issues (LOR1602W)

    After re reading Leftys post, it sounds like neither controller is responding. Have you purchased a software license?
  6. Oliver Blatt

    Parts of display not working

    Have you double checked that you didn't inadvertently assign the same controller Id to multiple tracks in that sequence?
  7. Oliver Blatt

    Parts of display not working

    How hard would it be to assign the offending controller a different Id number? Then you could see if the lights programmed to that new id exhibit the same issues. Might be a start to troubleshooting the issue.
  8. Oliver Blatt

    Hiding CTB16PC control box.

    I hide all mine behind my "vintage" shrubbery planted along the foundation of the house. This hides them from view and also affords some weather protection from the eaves. They are mounted about 2' off the ground on a 2x4 on a plywood base to keep everything off the ground and away from water. But, I also agree...if people are looking at your controllers instead of the show you have a bigger problem!
  9. Oliver Blatt

    Radio Sign Lighting (without electricity)

    +1 exactly what I do for my "tune to" sign.
  10. Oliver Blatt

    DMX with Geyser Fogger - Fog but no lights

    If you're putting up channel 4 and getting fog, it does sound like an address issue, did you try putting up channel 10 (the dimmer channel) to see if that changes anything.
  11. Oliver Blatt

    Timing different for play range

    Are you using variable rate MP3s?
  12. Oliver Blatt

    DMX with Geyser Fogger - Fog but no lights

    What are the specific channels for the fogger? Most likely, you need to have the master up at 100% before you'll get lights. I believe these forgers have different channel count configurations. Do you have the fogger set to the configuration you're actually using via DMx? I actually use the same fogger with pure DMX all the time in a theatre setting, so I'm sure it's a simple fix.
  13. Oliver Blatt

    How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I'm not trying to push my ways on anyone else, just saying what I do and what works for me!
  14. Oliver Blatt

    How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I may have misspoke...while the show is not playing, there are lights on and music being broadcast with teasers like "the show will start in 3 minutes." Of course your opinion may differ from mine, but I like the idea of the anticipation of a show about to happen, so the waiting just amps up the excitement! I'd rather leave my audience wanting more than leaving half way through my show.
  15. Oliver Blatt

    How Long Is Your Entire Show?

    I think I may run the shortest show of anyone! The past few years the show has been about 10 minutes long running every 15 minutes. This year, I'm hoping to redo the entire show with a completely new custom soundtrack and an animatronic. I know time is slipping by quickly, but my schedule allows me a good chunk of time in October and November that I can devote to it! I expect this year's show will be between 7 and 9 minutes long! Of course, if my ideas become bigger than reality, I can fall back on running last year's show until the new show is up and running.