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  1. Old School CTB08-D

    So I thought I would pose this question in case someone else has seen this and can shine some light on it for me. I have a CTB08-D contoller that I cannot get to keep a start address no mater what I do. I have tried to set it in software and used the hardware switches and anytime it is power cycled it clears completely. Any got any suggestions?
  2. Introducing Tor

    Nice research! I know ive used their equipment countless years and still continue to do so. Now if only I could get my first controller purchase working again, its the infamous CTB-08D. Been good up until last year when it kept clearing the start address.

    I also responded to,my post you were asking about controllers on.
  4. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    I apologize, I forgot to indicate the red 50 ct lights are sold.
  5. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    Zip code is 50315 - I typically ship usps flat rate unless the qty is really low then I try to accomodate whatever the cheapest method is.
  6. LED's For Sale -Small phase 1 of display liquidation.

    All I would have is the CTB16PC controllers. If you are interested in this please feel free to send me a PM.
  7. Incads for sale

    I have 53 sets of clear incads id like to get moved asap. If interested please send me a pm.
  8. Introducing Tor

    Ok, so maybe im not as far off as I thought I still have the .exe's of the older versions saved just in case.
  9. FS: Lights/frames etc..

    Looks like all your lights have sold?
  10. Introducing Tor

    Welcome back TOR! So.. based off this post I think I mis-dated my days in the LOR world.. Ive been on board since S1.. was thinking 12 years.. but sounds like more like 15? Man where does the time go?? Can't believe my first show was 8 channels and now its hundred's.. And now I'm behind and not even up to S3 or S4..
  11. Workman's Wild Wires 2016 - Special Effects!

    Nicely done! I tried doing the polar express song several years ago, you clearly did a much better job than I did with it!
  12. 8 5mm multi 35 count 4 inch spacing full wave - slightly used (1 season, maybe 2 at most) - $4.50 each 8 5mm red 35 count 4 inch spacing full wave - slightly used (1 season,maybe 2 at most) - $4.50 each 7 m6 multi 50 count 4 inch spacing full wave - again slightly used - $6.25 each 3 m6 blue 50 count 4 inch spacing full wave - slightly used - $7.00 each 2 m6 warm white 50 count 4 inch spacing full wave - used - $4.00 each 1 m6 multi 100 count 4 inch spacing full wave - New but not in original bag/package - $12.00 each 1 m6 green 70 count 4 inch spacing full wave -$9.50 each Open but not been used. 6 50 count blue walmart leds - $2.00 each - Most are New 2 60 count blue walmart led - $3.00 each - Slightly used 6 50 count red walmart leds -$2.00 each - New Unless otherwise noted all sets are on green wire. Prices exclude shipping and pp fees associated,ect. If a price does not seem fair PM a reasonable offer and we can work out the details. This is a preliminary list as I plan to begin listing other items for sale as I slowly fade and phase out my display after much consideration I feel it is the time to do so for now. I plan on listing these on other forums so sales will be first come first serve.
  13. Wanted Leds

    I think like $7 or so a strand isnt too bad of an asking price considering the current pricing. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  14. Wanted Leds

    I have a busy weekend ahead so i probably wont get to it til early next week but i have 70 ct sealed strands i can sell. lost my job today so have to get funds somehow. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  15. Wanted Leds

    Sealed LEDs or do you have a preference?? Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk