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  1. toddm1919

    Multi-Channel Video and LOR Light show??

    Some video cards allow you to combine multiple screens into a second display. Then you can create a video as Saxon said. I use this technique with two screens for my display and it works great.
  2. toddm1919

    Inserting extension between CCB (12V) bulbs

    Just tried changing the intensity...no change.
  3. toddm1919

    Inserting extension between CCB (12V) bulbs

    Ducks..anyway to rectify it if it is a data issue?
  4. toddm1919

    Inserting extension between CCB (12V) bulbs

    Jim...thanks. I will put a test sequence together to see if I get varying results. The picture above was taken with the Pixie16 test from the controller board...it lights each bulb in order one color at a time. If it is a voltage issue, I would doubt I would get much after the extension with all white.
  5. I am switching from the original CCB to Pixie 16 and the new CCBs. To bridge a sidewalk, I added a 7 ft extension between bulb 23 and 24. On the old CCBs, I was able to do it with a minor loss in color quality on white. When I try it with the new version, it works fine with just the pigtails. With a 7 ft extension it works through bulb 26. With a 20 ft extension it works through bulb 25. I figure there is some voltage loss(?), but when I use a 20 ft extension between the controller and the first bulb, everything works well. I know there is a logical explanation, but not sure what it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. toddm1919

    Momentary blackout

    I don’t own a G3-MP3, but I found a setting in the documentation that sets what the controller does between shows. It is on page 14 and 15. http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/G3-MP3_Man_Web.pdf I thought it might help..
  7. toddm1919

    Pixie16 with CCR-II

    Joe.. I know this is an older thread, but saw you were waiting to 2018 to do your ribbons. Unfortunately, I did not find this thread until after I ran into the same problem as you. However, in my testing I purchased a ribbon from Holiday Coro. Their ribbon’s color order is RGB, which matches LOR’s pixels. That means that you would be able to run the ribbons and pixels from the same Pixie controller. You would just need to switch out the pigtail on the controller.
  8. toddm1919

    CCB-II 50 per string: JP5 removal

    So I just opened my new Pixie16 and saw this. According to the manual, the jumper force a configuration for the RGB IC...not sure what this means. Anyway, the posted picture make me believe that I cannot run CCR-II strips and pixel/bulbs off of the same controller...it this true?
  9. Is it possible to use pixels from LOR and HolidayCoro on the same Pixie4 at the same time? I am not sure if the color order for both vendors are the same. If they are not, I know that you can specify the color order on the Pixie4, but I am not sure if you can specify it for each port.
  10. toddm1919

    Smaller Pixel Controlers

    According to the pixie documentation (p21), the Pixie2 is only available in the LOR weatherproof box. Although not explicitly stated, it looks like the CCBII Boxes http://store.lightorama.com/cococoiicc.html I used 12 original CCB controllers this year. Although they worked fine, I am going with several new Pixie16 this year. I would rather have the controller close to the house, and with a 40ft+ range to the first pixel on the newest version , they will work just fine in my display.
  11. Can some one tell me the dimensions for the new CCC- II controller box? It looks similar to the old one..but it is hard to tell from the pictures on the website.
  12. Let me clarify. I do not have any CCP-II strings or controllers. Both strings have 4 wires. The "newer" ones were purchased last season prior to the CCB-II coming out.
  13. I have two CCPv2 contollers, both with v1.21 firmware. One will control my older CCP strings (3 years old), but not the CCP strings I purchased last year. The other will do the opposite. It will control the newer pixels but not the older ones. Any ideas on why this would happen? Todd
  14. toddm1919

    Garage Door Covers

    Looks like they deleted that page. Just use the website and it works fine: http://www.mydoordecor.com/
  15. toddm1919

    Importing Channel Config - Confusion

    You are correct. The import is on a line by line basis. What I have learned from others in the forum is to use tracks. Track 1 should be used as your "master". It stays the same in every sequence. Other tracks can be added and changed however you want. When you add new channels, add them at the end of the first track, then export the configuration and import it into the other sequences. Never delete channels from the first track or the order will be off when you export and import. To get your existing sequences to a point where you can import the configuration you wanted, you will need to open them and order the channels in the same order as the one you have chosen. Don't worry about the names, just make sure that the channels are the same. There may be an easier way, but this is what I did. It takes some time, depending on the number of channels you have, but once you have it done you should not have to do it again. Here is the original thread: Todd