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  1. Webbie , My trees? .. there were eight of them last year.... there will be 16 this year ... My controllers are placed in close proximty to the activity ... I have under ground power (30 Circuits) run out into the various places in the yard as well. I have 160 channels, and some X10, so it still makes for mega extension cord use.
  2. get a steel coat hanger ... cut the hook off ... then cut the remaing part in half ... bend those pieces so they form an L about 4 inches long and whatever is left ... hold them in your hands (the 4 inch side) loosely ... Point one south and one east ... walk 10 feet ... if they move and cross ... that is the direction you must go ... there will be 50 foot cords there ... if they don't cross walk 10 more feet ... again same thing ... repeat until they cross or you don't know where you are ... if you start with one north and one west .. again walk 10 feet ... there will be 100 foot cords ... if you get lost ... wave the bent coat hangers in the air like your are directing music ... keep it up until the Police come and they take you home hopefully ... when they ask what you are doing just say "Bill said that I could find cords this way".... They Know me and will understand ...
  3. In my best Obi Wan "uuuuuse the fooorce"
  4. I look for discounted stores ..., like big lots, dollar .. even lowes and HD .. Look at all the shleves .. LE rule number one ... don't just look at the obvious ... I found 5 cases of 50 foot cords once on the very top shelve for 3.00 a cord ... and 3 cases of 100 foot cords for 12.00 each sitting off in the plumbing area. We also have a HD clearence center here. Stores going out of business are great finds .. Clearence centers, same thing look around and ask .. even in places you wouldn't normally find them. even ask for a discount on the discount ... most often you will get it if you are buying a case .. BTW a case can be 12 or 24 or 48 cords but make sure you know the price per cord .. I don't make my own cords even being an electrican by trade. you will get good at looking ... it will become second nature to you ... you will even begin to smell them .. LAUGHING .. you will become a EC Junky .. you have lots of time ... but not lots of time for looking .... ask your friends to keep an eye out for you as well .. form a local cord hunting brigade .. you will get to a point where you will say ... NAH I really don't need anymore cords and start phoning buddies in the area and telling them about the finds, and soon they will get tired of you calling them ... LAUGHING .. don't put off looking .. make it your number one priority ... LAUGHING but you have some time yet
  5. It would have been up before I got into the house when I pick it up ... LOL .. in fact I think I will take a trip to Micheal's and see if they have one tomorrow. my neighbors ask me all the time what I am doing for lights this year and I will take them around to the back yard and show them what I am working on, no matter what state it is in. Sometimes I just get strange looks as they only see a piece of what I am working on at the time, I try to make sure I don't give away too much info but keep them involved and on the team as well. My toys for tots train has been out for a week now ...
  6. geeez I am silly ... it is windows scheduler so you can make it what ever times you like. The Plugins are the Shoutcast server and other tools I have for winamp the cammand line to enter (this one for PC Radio) is entered in the program to run Line "C:Program FilesWinampwinamp.exe" : "" If you want to do a play list just set up your play list then add it in to the command line in the quotes at the end .. In the advanced tab in scheduler you can set the schedule up. turn it on and off with the scheduler, I think I left LOR Scheduler up and running as well because all we really want to do is turn off the audio output from winamp. I just put some new fans and a new power supply (just yesterday) on the P3 400 I use to run the LOR and X10 so it is kind of in a state of UIE (user injection error), it runs 24/7 365 so I thought I would give it some extra goodies.
  7. I use one for Winamp .. But I just looked for the thing and can't find it .. it is a plugin for winamp and does clocks ... (scratches head) it just works now * LOL * I do much the same as you, Play Christmas music all year, and then flip this scheduler on at Show time. It stops Winamp 5 minutes before the show so that LOR can use the Output Channel .. and then starts it back up after the show. I also have frosty Player which is good, but then I can't use my shoutcast server and other winamp tools and some other tools I have. I will post it once I find it ...
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