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  1. Yes you understand my configuration exactly. I will double check the legacy mode again, but I thought I had it set correctly before. I will also try changing which one I have it connect to for testing as well. It's really strange that all the 16 channel controllers work perfectly the rest of the time. I'm sure my cat5 cables are good (I'm a network engineer and tested them all). It's really a strange issue for sure. Would it matter if the channel that the CCR sequence is running is was on all of the time even if the CCR sequence was not doing anything for the whole song? There is a several second break in the sequence of the ribbons before the problem happens. Thanks for the replies!!
  2. I have 10 controllers this year and decided to add 3 CCRs. I created my CCR sequence with the super star part of the new LOR software and exported the file. I then added the file by assigning it to a row in my musical sequence in the sequence editor software. About half way into the song, the controller that I have my first CCR plugged into starts flashing channels on randomly and the red led in the controller starts blinking. If I remove the CCR sequence from the same musical sequence it works great. I have checked and have no overlapping channels that I can find. My controllers are numbered 1-10 and the CCRs are 11-13. Anyone have any ideas what is causing my controller to mess up? I really want to run the CCRs but can't.
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