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  1. Do you have any songs in mind?
  2. Would love a copy also Sarge. mmkooiman67@aim.com Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks so much. Can't believe I missed that.
  4. Hello All, Just down loaded S3 ver. 3.9 on a new laptop. My problem is, when in the sequence editor, every time I press play all the icons gray out and I have to use the drop down menus to stop it. Any ideas, thanks in advance, Mark
  5. Would love a copy. Thanks for sharing! mmkooiman67@aim.com
  6. For some reason I cannot get the audio to download. Probably a windows 8 thing. Is that a modified version or can I purchase it on itunes? If its modified would love a copy. Thanks in advance, Mark mmkooiman67@aim.com
  7. Can you post a link to the Enttec Open you bought? Craig, Here is a link for the Enntec open. As far as the colors being off, I have found that a lot of the RGB stuff from China is wired incorrectly. http://www.enttec.com/index.php?main_menu=Products&pn=70303&show=description
  8. Channel assignments are right on. Already exported into excel and everything seemed to be good. And yes, line is terminated. Think I might try re-assigning the two controllers with a new address,hopefully that works. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Hello All, Before I start I want to say thanks in advance for all the help I am about to receive. 7th year with LOR, 1st year LOR with DMX. I have 30 of those 3-channel DMX controllers. 15 for the trim of the house and windows and 15 for coro stars I bought from David. My problem is 13 of the stars work perfectly but two, which are in the middle of the bunch, are in sync with the other 15 which are doing something different. I replaced the controllers with new ones, I checked the channel config and no overlaps or shared channels,replaced the cat5 cables and connectors, checked the programs and everything is as it should be. I am using an Enntec open so there is no channel +1 problem. I am at a loss. Any ideas? Mark
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