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  1. It's been good even left the show unattended for 3 days. Worked without a hitch. SWEET!
  2. Watch out for the 2 string leads that come out the top. I had a couple that were open enough to let water in and a freeze thaw could short out the board. I built the boxes into the props out side so the are under cover. The 5 units that are not I made plastic rain jackets for them to prevent standing water on the top. That being said unplugging the unit is best and try and dry out. Hair dryer, Rice can dry off the units. DO NOT power up till the unit is warm and dry. Temp have not been an issue I live in Montreal QC. The temps have been as low as -20F or lower NEVER had an issue. I even have CCRs outside in mini trees. Take Care Michael
  3. I have 2 CCP's lining the roof. I secured the pixel with a zip tie to orient them sideways. The Metal Flashing is white on my house and the lights do put out a good deal of light. (reflecting on the white)
  4. Is it random across both strings or only one side. (did not happen when running) I had 1 bad string that did that. (replaced the string and it stopped) I had the benefit of having more than one controller to swap parts.
  5. Ok I tried a combination of things that seems to have worked. Putting on the "Sequences are loaded before any are played." only displaced the error to up front. (22 sequences 3 fail * 2-3 minutes per failure) the show is black for 9 minutes. (PANIC!) I did a dam the consequences move applied the 4gig patch to all the executable. I left the option "Sequences are loaded before any are played." The loads FLEW by in like 2 seconds. (Amazingly NO error) Ram consumption is higher (by about a gig), Will keep you apprised. If it makes it thru all 22 songs no errors I may do the dance of JOY! Michael
  6. I have that off as it makes it worse. There is a huge lag at the beginning as it tries to load them all. (it gets the same error on the odd sequence here or there) I have tested 2 schedules: one 4 hour block(show) containing 22 songs the error is more frequent (can not load all at beginning) eight 1/2 hour(shows) schedules 6 songs in each seems to error much less (I think it may have something to do with a cleanup that may occur when swapping shows) It seems to me like it tries to load the compressed file (and probably another error is occurring) it seems to choose the solution (can't load compressed file and then re-writes the compressed file) One good thing! It doesn't crash the computer like last year! (yah!) Just this humble programmer's best guess! Michael
  7. If you moved the Controllers from one network to another, you need to modify the sequences to let them know where they are. (Assuming when you say Port = LorNetwork) Hope that helps. PS All you have to do is open the sequence and re-assign the controller network. Tools-> Channel Configuration Button at the bottom Change Controller. (it allows you to move a controller from one network to another)
  8. Hi All, Not quite sure what it wrong. It does seem to be not normal behavior. From time to time when the music show is running (animations are shorter and less obvious haven't caught it) I get (and no it's not just this music sequence, it seems to happen randomly as if it can not read the compressed file) 5:27:07 PM: Loading compressed sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms.lcs 5:27:07 PM: Cannot load compressed sequence file for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:27:07 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:28:53 PM: Exporting compressed sequence for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:29:14 PM: Starting Musical: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms There is a huge lag when it recreated the compress file. Though about a 1/2 hour before the same file compressed loads fine. -- Sometimes the log shows this 7:39:35 PM: Loading compressed sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ChristmastTimeIsHere.lms.lcs 7:39:35 PM: Cannot load compressed sequence file for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ChristmastTimeIsHere.lms: Cannot allocate memory for event table 7:39:35 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ChristmastTimeIsHere.lms 7:40:47 PM: Exporting compressed sequence for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ChristmastTimeIsHere.lms 7:41:08 PM: Starting Musical: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ChristmastTimeIsHere.lms It chugs then goes again. What is strange it can go a whole evening with only 0,1,2 hick-ups... ------- There are some bugs in the Superstar. Mainly around the limits when exceeding 40 CCR's it complains that you are over the max then lets you do it. Under Layout when you change the number of CCR switching from 1/2 to full.... Regards Michael PS: if you need any additional details I will send whatever info you need...
  9. Hi All, Just as an FYI: I started setting up my show and am using ELL's to run CCR wreaths that I built for my windows. This is the 3rd year running them I used only macros in the past to reduce traffic. I have to say the 115k seems stable and I am not using macros they are getting the full signal and keeping up. The config is 2 separate ELL transmitters (on different channels) 8 receivers. The max distance between transmitters / receivers is 75 feet thru floods brick and walls! The receivers run 1 or 2 CCRs (there are 11 CCRs total split on the 2 networks 5/6 each) (Ideally keeping 5 or 6 CCR / 115K network) Lucky I always have the option of creating an additional ELL network if I run into a speed issue.
  10. I would say try it as desoldering when inexperienced will likely burn the chip anyway. Just be sure Pin 1 is where Pin 1 should be. M.
  11. If you provide more details it would be easier to help you. Si vous fournissez plus de détails, il serait plus facile de vous aider. Did the 3 electrical outlets fail completely at different times? or are they failing periodically Avez-les 3 prises de courant échouent complètement à des moments différents? ou sont-elles échouent périodiquement? M.
  12. Tried both same issue. It seems to be more fluid when you load as needed.
  13. Hi guys, I'm on version 3.9 and I agree there seems to be some sort if memory leak (or issue). Its not as pronounced as in the previous version. It seems to be related to compressed sequences and long running shows. at 10 songs I seem to get a unable to allocate table memory 5 songs or less running multiple mini shows seems to keep in under control. --- 5:26:02 PM: Loading compressed sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms.lcs 5:26:02 PM: Cannot load compressed sequence file for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms: Cannot allocate memory for event table 5:26:02 PM: Loading sequence: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:28:15 PM: Exporting compressed sequence for C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:28:42 PM: Starting Musical: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms 5:28:51 PM: Ending Musical: C:\Users\michael\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Musicbox.lms --- On the last line it bombs and shuts down the player (disabled) Very Strange! M.
  14. I did a temp fix. I used construction grade sheet plastic wrap and wrapped them like presents. It can be open at the bottom. The rest of my units are in wood prop boxes to disguise them. I was lucky in the sense I had 1 spare and by re-configuring the show I gained an extra spare. LOR was nice enough to hot ship 1 replacement. (excellent service!) I and going to buy 2 or 3 spares for piece of mind. In the end there are 3 down right now and I am nervous as hell!!! Take Care Michael
  15. I have made rain jackets for the controllers that are not under cover or hidden in a prop. Next year all controllers will be hidden in some sort of box to shield them. I have returned 2 to LOR already and have 1 more that will have to go back. (I was hoping like you that drying it out would fix it) NOT! Take Care M.
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