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  1. I ran into really significant lag that I believe was caused by a throughput issue running my LOR CTB16PC from the LOR USB dongle so I am now sending DMX signals to the controller. That resolved the apparent lag issue but now my channels seem to be skewed. When I test channels one by one here's what I get: Channel 1 test--channel 2 lights up Channel 2 test--channel 3 lights up Channel 3 test--channel 1 lights up Channel 4 test--channel 5 lights up Channel 5 test--channel 6 lights up Channel 6 test--channel 4 lights up Channel 7 test--channel 8 lights up Channel 8 test--channel 9 lights up Channel 9 test--channel 7 lights up Channel 10 test--channel 11 lights up Channel 11 test--channel 12 lights up Channel 12 test--channel 10 lights up Channel 13 test--channel 14 lights up Channel 14 test--channel 15 lights up Channel 15 test--channel 13 lights up Channel 16 test--no lights I checked all the test signals (generated by xlights) with SACNView and the correct channels are being turned off and on, so I am certain that the DMX signals are being sent to the CTB16PC. Any ideas? Thanks very much.
  2. Can I ask a spinoff question? I am having what I think are throughput issues with my CTB16PC and I think I can convert from the LOR protocol input signal to a DMX signal to resolve the throughput issues. I just checked my LOR controller--it is a CTB16PC G3 version 1.04. I assume the version 1.04 means firmware 1.04. Will this controller automatically "see" the DMX signal input to it? Or do I need to update firmware to get that functionality?? I see that firmware version 1.08 is available for download. Thanks very much
  3. Very nice duckie. I would encourage you to go ahead & get your E682 up & running, learn how to use the browser commands, etc. By the way, mine had a different version of firmware on it so the original instructions did not work at all. Had to get a new firmware PDF then all was good. Anyway, there is a little bit of setup with the browser but not all that much. Just one thing to check off the old list....
  4. Duckie24--would be glad to help out anyway I can. I am learning RGB from scratch this year and it is my first year to synch. Yes--I will be running one 16 channel LOR CTB16PC along with the E682. Jim has been very helpful at SanDevices; I have had a lot of newbie questions. Turns out it is fairly straightforward. I am just not familiar (but getting there now) with network stuff. That is a little bit intimidating to me... but workable. Best of luck! Sometimes I think maybe I have bitten more than I can even think about chewing... Then I get a breakthrough like yesterday and I just know that the RGBs are going to be so awesome that they are worth whatever heartaches they have caused me... SoCalJimH--once I hooked up my LOR CTB16PC & turned it on, I haven't had to fight with that FRUSTRATING feature where LOR turns off "control lights"...
  5. I think I may have found part of the problem; LOR SE on my older "show PC" was defaulted to "Use internal media". I have never seen that clicked "on" before, so I clicked it "off". Also, I had opened up an LOR help desk case--they told me to go to "edit" "media file" to set the media files so LOR would know where to go get them. I also copied the music files over to the audio subfolder under the normal LOR "c drive" location under the programs/x86 folder. This worked. I now have a working show. Thanks very much. I am going to do what the FAQ said to do.
  6. Using S3 here... When I try to run my sequences per my 2013 Christmas Show.lss file, the LOR indicator on the bottom right goes from red to blue, but no sequences run. When I pull up the "status" box, it is running thru a bunch of error messages "ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Error playing media file Windows Media Player cannot find the file. IF you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted. I am moving all of my LOR files from one PC to another, and I am guessing I am going to have to relocate the music/media files so LOR can "find" them. Any ideas here? I have the media files mapped inside SE and I can run sequences just fine from the sequence editor, but cannot run a show. Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give me!!!!
  7. Success!! LOR is finally controlling my E682. I believe "control lights" was not remaining "on", as I am having to turn it on everytime I run a sequence. I also plugged in the LOR USB dongle and turned off firewall, to cover ALL bases! I then turned firewall back on and that did not impact the RGB. I also unplugged the dongle & plugged it back in; that didn't seem to make any difference either. Anyway, wanted to report success and tell everyone who gave me ideas THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  8. Soldering & RTVing RGB strips tonight. Will try plugging in dongle tomorrow and see if that will make any difference. Will monitor using SACNVIEW and will see what commlistener thinks as I am trying to run an LOR sequence into my E682. Thanks so much. will post whatever I find out. Since E682 working with SACNVIEW signals and xlights sequences, I am sure I am missing some little button click somewhere in LOR....
  9. Thanks for your quick replies!! No----I have not had the USB dongle installed. Yes---I have checked & rechecked to assure "control lights" is on & remained on. That has bitten me before, so I look for it each time. Yes---verified Commlistener is "on". Yes---verified port set to 5568 No----Don't drink coffee. LOL I will go back in tonight after work and disable shows, as I enabled shows when I initially didn't get any response via LOR S3. I will report out what happens or doesn't happen. Jim at SanDevices also suggested verifying the network activity with SACNVIEW to see if maybe LOR is sending all zeroes to E682, so I will do that tonight, also as I continue troubleshooting.
  10. I am in initial stage of trying to "run" my E682 via LOR S3. I am not able to get LOR S3 to control the E682. I can go to the E682's webpage and "see" the packets getting to the E682, but no RGB actions from LOR S3. I have LOR and the E682 both set on multicast E1.31 with 3 universes setup with my (individual pixels) RGB elements setup in LOR. I have my PC hooked directly to the E682 via a hardline LAN cable. When I run test sine waves from SACNVIEW, the RGBs work just fine. Also, when I run my sequences from xlights/nutcracker (I have been using xlights to develop the effects then dumping them into LOR S3 with cut/paste), my RGBs work just fine. Any ideas as to what I might be missing in my LOR S3 setup or something? I am 100% that I had "control lights" turned "on" by the way. Have been bit by that one before.... Thanks very much in advance.
  11. owenewo--I faced exactly the same dilemma about six weeks ago. I tried several "third party" software solutions to generate my props, but I just couldn't figure out how to make any of them work for me. I opened up an LOR help desk case to ask LOR about this. I got the same answer MazdaFan gave you above; prop/fixture limitations for LOR or non-LOR props. So, I proceeded to build my props "light by light". Very tedious, but effective. I did run into the same problem--LOR definitely limits you to 64 fixtures per prop. You will be able to tell when you run into the limit because LOR will stop "cooperating" with you as you build the fixtures into the prop. I built four arches that each had about 100 or so (non LOR) RGB pixels in them. I broke up the arches into "left side" and "right side" props then I stuck the two quarter circles together to make the arches (half circles of course). I have since decided to go with six arches each having 60 RGBs (2 meter1s worth of strip at 30 pixels/meter), so I just started remapping all my arches last night. That actually works out nicely because I don't have to break up my props anymore to cope with a LOR limitation. Here is my personal lesson learned on this--make REALLY SURE you have thought out what you are going to do with your pixel strips. I didn't do a very good job with this up front and have cost myself a lot of time and effort. From this point forward I will always think in terms of one meter segments (assuming I continue to use strips...), as that's how you have to "break up" the strips (each segment is one meter long) if your physical elements (e.g. arches, window outlines, whatever...) aren't exactly the length of your strips. I am willing to spend the time to re-build the visualizer props because it REALLY helps me to be able to see how my props are responding. Best of luck to you!!!
  12. I am "making" custom elements in my visualizer because all are > 50 pixels in length and all of my RGB components are "non LOR" (DIY) components. I would like to recommend to LOR that, for example, when re-mapping DMX IDs in visualizer (I have changed my elements' configs a few times), you provide the ability to change multiple IDs using the standard windows functions like ctrl or alt. The way visualizer is configured right now, if I need to make wholesale changes (example is going from four arches to six arches) to my DMX ID mapping in visualizer, the only way I see to do it is "one by one", which is effective but very tedious.
  13. I am having similar problems with initial setup of E682/LOR. I sent an email to Jim at SanDevices to see what his recommendation is; he has been very responsive as I am doing my first LOR/E682 setup. I have my PC setup on wireless and have the E682 tied into one of the ethernet ports of my wireless router. One item (that I have not done yet...) I noted in earlier posts/replies is to disable the PC's wireless adapter and to hookup the PC's ethernet port directly to the E682. I don't really want to take that approach, as I normally run a wireless home network. If that's the only way this will work, I will have to go that route. I have setup my LOR as multicast/E1.31 for three universes and I am "seeing" the E682 webpage on my browser. I verified my channel mapping in LOR visualizer and spot-checked a few channels in my sequence to make sure the DMX IDs make sense; they do. Different E682 test patterns work fine but the RGBs do not respond to my sequence (arches, but that doesn't really matter...). I turned the E682 test pattern "off" webpage and I have the universes (three) setup on the E682 webpage with good starting & ending IDs. LOR "listener" is communicating on three universes. No packets are being received by E682 though. Thanks in advance!!
  14. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate your replies.
  15. Similar question here. I am planning to usef an LOR CTBPC16 this year to drive 16 AC channels and use a SanDevices E682 to drive four non-LOR RGB pixel arches. I am not sure how to configure the CAT5 signal to the E682. Do I need to "split" the CAT5 downstream of the LOR-supplied USB RS485 dongle? Or can I just route a CAT5 directly from my PC or from our home's internet router? If I am reading some of these posts correctly, it looks like my PC and E682 both need to be hardwired to my router?? Thanks very much in advance.
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