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  1. Thanks all. Appreciate the kind words.
  2. Well done. And I don't often say that and truly mean it.
  3. This is my favorite of the ones we've done this year. Personally, I think it's better than the one we were lucky enough to win with last year. Hope you enjoy. Thanks
  4. DownTown wrote: Hey Joe - The old timers don't let not having the latest announced software version hold them up. We sequence with what we have. Many will continue to use the current software through the lighting season, and only upgrade after lights out in January. This ensures that the lighting platform in use is stable and has no bugs that will affect the display. So, if you've been waiting for S3, the best advice is to get sequencing with S2 now... D.T. While I do agree with you, I had extra high hopes to be able to use some of the new RGB functionality that's been discussed as well as the super star integration. I know there are others with more channels, but sequencing 8 CCR's plus whatever I add on this year really makes the new functionality appealing...almost so much so that I was willing to take the chance with the new version for this year's show. Also, I was hoping to use the new DMX Dongles that have been discussed as opposed to ordering an iDMX. I don't know if the dongles will replace iDMX or not, which would help me make the call. If I could use the iDMX indefinately, then it really doesn't matter I guess. I also read stuff about S3 having native DMX over ethernet support, although I don't really know everything about it as I'm just venturing into DMX. Indoor display makes that much more feasible now. P.S. - Does "Old Timer" refer to age or years of show...after all, I am in my 6th season....
  5. I'm not sure I can wait much longer. I want to use DMX this year and I need some time to play with the stuff ahead of time. Figured the sale would have already happened by now. Between that and the contest announcement, it sure would be nice to get a quick forum update as to what is going on. I know they are working on software too, but I don't know if anyone will be able to really use it this year as people with big displays probably needed to start sequencing like yesterday. If this sounds like complaining, it's really not. Just starting to get concerned......
  6. Larry Leonhardt wrote: Hey...Missed this post. Sorry! Here's all the info you'd ever need. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/29530-My-Firework-Shooting-Stars-More-info-on-them
  7. Not sure I blame you. I wouldn't put it past WMG to go after the little guy who's trying to promote their artist. They are a prime example of the saying "can't see the forest for the trees". Probably one of many reasons you can buy their once high priced stock now for 5 bucks a share. But then again, with their obvious lack of vision, not sure you'd want to!
  8. Just watched my TSO videos get pulled again from CensorTube. Not to say I'm really suprised, but it's just frusturating to see so many other TSO christmas light videos out there. Not sure why they never seem to "miss" one of my uploads! Anyway, MOST of the videos I have for 2010 can be seen here: http://www.westernmallchristmas.com/media.html Later guys!
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I had the electrician that wired the panel label the phases, and rearranged the power feeds to the appropriate phases. Problem solved. Everything responds as expected.
  10. I moved my show to a commercial location and am experiencing some anomolies on a few of my controllers. It's most evident in intensity changes...some channels aren't responding to the intensity changes correctly. I was thinking that perhaps I was overloading my network with 14 1602W's and 8 CCR's, but I noticed the issue in even sections of songs where there wasn't much going on. Then I got to thinking about power. Most all of my lights are LED and as such I power the controllers with "cheater circuits", which I define as running a single power feed and powering both legs of the controller via a triple tap. I realized that the 4 controllers I'm noticing the issues on are all fed via 2 separate power feeds to each one as there were some incandescent lights attached. Could having each leg of the controller powered by a different phase cause what I describe? Thanks
  11. It does work. I just cut a ribbon in half, and soldered in a 7' extension. I've tested it and it works just fine. No lag or anything like that to speak of between sections. FWIW...I nearly soiled my pants as I was cutting the $250 ribbon in half
  12. Thanks Dan. I don't think the issue I'm experiencing is firmware related. I think it might be a conversion issue to RGB channels? Anyway, I sent a couple emails with sample sequences and my lcc file to the support email address. Hoping you guys can figure out why it's firing! Thanks
  13. That's helpful info. Thanks for posting it. As one of the guys in there mentions, the CCR had a tendancy to have "sticky pixels" from time to time on the fastest network speed. I'd occasionally end a song and have one pixel get "Stuck" on, which looked a little silly but it was worth it for the speed advantage. Nice to know that will be fixed. Time for some firmware updates! Now, if I could only figure out my "Phantom" CCR commands...i.e. - In a couple of sequences, all CCR channels are off but the CCR actually mimics a programmed effect elsewhere in the channels, but no crosstalk due to duplicated circuit ids/controllers! I noticed this on a couple that I converted from last year.... Come to think of it, I haven't checked for this issue on new sequences. Don't you love it when random thoughts actually lead you somewhere? Thanks
  14. No, I know it's there. I should have clarified... I'm wondering what changed from v1.03 to v1.06.
  15. The CCR's I had last year have v1.03 and I see there is v1.06 firmware available? What were the changes? I was unable to locate. Thanks
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