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  1. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    Yes I still have several boards for sale Let me know what you need Rob
  2. Robsaus

    Extension Cord for pixels

    I make all of my own cords for my Pixel's and use 18/3 cording. 2500 Ft. with no problems. just make sure you water proof everything. Rob
  3. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

  4. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    Still have plenty of equipment . Let me know. Rob
  5. Robsaus

    Looking For Bulk Nodes?

    I ordered mine direct from China last year right after the Chinese new year and got great deals. 10K of lights. Rob
  6. Great Job Love the Pixels
  7. Robsaus

    10 watt RGB floods controller pigtail

    I don't have a LOR 10W flood to try it to. PM me and I can send u a text with Pics Rob
  8. Robsaus

    10 watt RGB floods controller pigtail

    I have a bunch of 4 wire pigtails that I got from Ray Wu that I'm selling. I had them made to 18" long. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/10-pairs-4-Core-White-Waterproof-cable-45cm-long-each-male-and-female/701799_532156471.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.7c41914dd72sLI Rob
  9. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    Plenty Items left. Can ship Fast. Never hurts to have a spare or two. Throw me offers, The worst I can say is No, But you never know. Rob
  10. This Year We took the big leap to Pixels. 7674 Pixel lights controlled by 6 LOR PixCon16 boards. One Mega Tree (16-100 strand Pixel lights) over 20ft tall. 8 Boysen Candy Canes 10 spiral trees 5 wrapped with Pixel lights and 5 with Pixel strips 8 Leaping arches with Pixel Strips 4 large globes and 4 Small globes wrapped with Pixel lights Roof, windows, and corners all done with Pixel lights. 8 Ray Wu Pixel Icicle light sets One giant Bow with 299 Pixel lights. Next year should be doubling lights. Rob I hope to have a video up as soon as I can get time to do one.
  11. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    Update: Here's what I have left. 3 CTB16PC V2 controllers. 2 are with single 3 pin dongles. 1 has 3 extension cord ends that I used for leaping arches.18GA wire They are several years old but all worked flawlessly. Asking $150.00 Each plus shipping to the lower 48 I have one 32 channel box CTB16PC Gen 3 (two boards) with SPT dongles on it that I will sell for $300.00 Plus Shipping to the lower 48. All of them have RJ45 waterproof cable connectors. All have the high heat sinks. I also have 2 Dumb RGB DC boards CMD16D-Q in enclosures with power supplies. Asking $75.00 Each plus shipping to the lower 48 Shipping should be around $20.00- $30.00 each. I Also have 50 White 4 pin 18GA wire waterproof cable ends 18" leads. Asking$2.00 a piece plus shipping I will test each one as they sell to make sure they are working properly. I will also set each controller back to unit 1 or what ever unit number you want them to be set to. Thanks Rob PM me for any other questions.
  12. Robsaus

    Smart RGB Extension Cords

    I make my own. Rob
  13. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    Never received your message. Rob
  14. Robsaus

    Selling my old equipment

    One Gen 3 board Pending testing Two 16 channel PC Boards sold. Still Have several more. As I said before I will test each board and run a set of test lights before shipping. Thanks Rob