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  1. What a company!! Seriously, anyone seen customer service like LOR since the 1960's gas station pump your gas, wash your windows and check your oil days? Awesome!!
  2. Our video was one of the winners in last years TSO contest. Take a look... the reigndeer head is Marty Slacks design. We have more songs that we did, but we are still waiting for the video. My website is http://www.listentothelights.com if you want to see 2007 video display. I finally got the website caught up and as soon as I get the rest of 2008 I will be adding that as well.
  3. Same Here. Even with direct line of sight and only about 56-60 ft between the ELL's, I get intermittent spotty communication (I think). I watch the LED on the 8 channel controllers hooked to the ELL and it kind of looks like it is flashing extremely rapidly. Sometimes all three are doing it and sometimes only one is doing it. I also can't run the channels all on full at the same time or the controller LED flashes off and then reconnects (LED turns on). It makes the lights all go off for a few seconds until the next change in the sequence happens and then they all jump back to life. If I run them at 50% intensity instead of full they all seem to keep working. Everything connected through coper is working fine. I just figure it was something I was doing wrong. First year running 4 ELL's.
  4. Here is one more link that I read that might help you with this. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum71/15090.html Zac, You have a PM
  5. I don't know if you are using the 1.6.6 hardware utility but there is this post that might help. http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum75/15180.html Good luck tomorrow. I hope you shine. :cool:
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