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  1. Yes actually later today I will be testing the Whole system some more (Hopefully.) I talk about the dual controller deal in that video @ 2:05 That video only is demonstrating the relay relay. From the sounds of your post, you will need a relay system also. I have used two controllers at once from two computers on the network, it works just fine for me. The sequencer and the hardware manager do not work at all (not surprising), but when you actually run the show it all works fine. When your sequencing and stuff, make sure only one controller is plugged in. The next issue you have is mixing the sounds from two inputs, But in your case it sounds like you would not need this, so you could leave the sound from your trigger pc on an outside speaker, and not mix into your FM transmission. If you do want to mix them you can use the line out on your trigger pc go to the line out on your main PC. In my case my trigger PC is just a virtual xp computer on my windows 7 machine, both running on one computer. I don't take credit for thinking of this system, its a mix of a few others members Ideas. PS: Make sure you buy a controller with the booster in it, http://store.lightorama.com/uscoadwivobo.html. The other one would not simply react fast enough for someone to "make" music. You need to press each button for about half a second for the other controller to react properly. I am going to also test this some more later today, but it defiantly seemd this was true last time I was working with it.
  2. Dimmers switches/Dimming Cfl's do not mix. My Aunt put several in her dimming lamps in her house, she was wondering why the garage wouldn't open sometimes... Cfl's do weird things. As for us we have CFL's in our dimming lamps, but its a special kind of CFL that cost $11 that can dim. They look nice and save us money, and Dim just like any other bulb. And hey my internet still works when I use them http://www.1000bulbs.com/Decorative-Torpedo-Dimmable/33425/ They are way way too expensive (for light shows), avoid them and use Led's or incandescent s, for light shows.
  3. No dan said he was really sorry that they forgot the pins on a few orders.
  4. Dan sent me an email saying that my pins were on the way. (I told him in the email, that I wouldn't mind soldering them myself. ) Also they are sending me some jumpers I misplaced also (my own fault really.) Thanks LOR
  5. Dale W wrote: Amazing how two peoples experiences can be so different. UPS, and Fedex tend to be a bit more costly to ship, in my experience atleast. Packages I get form ups look like they went through a war, and UPSP packages only have minor dirt marks. Priority mail is usually always a day faster than UPS ground. And if you print your packing label from usps.com you get free delivery conformation, and free carrier pickup. Print the label and your done... literally. my two cents hehe, really any of the major three, UPS, Fedex, USPS all will get the job done. Just dont use any oddball company out their.
  6. I purchased 40 tomato cages last month great minds think alike, though I didn't think of the idea, hehe i found it in several others videos, and on these forms. No longer do we need to pay the 19.99 for the stores mini trees hehe!
  7. Ponddude wrote: Cause were all a little nutty...HAHA;) I want my inputs now!!! lol Hey this inst as bad as waiting for your new HD camera in the mail, it came broken, and now the warranty and is taking 4 weeks to process, and im waiting for four rebate checks in the mail right now also... hehe, the joy of waiting. HEHE
  8. -klb- wrote: The paperclip is working fine for now All 4 of my input boards came the same I guess ill shoot LOR an email soon.
  9. ITS HERE, (My 4 new LOR boxes), and my 4 input boards, but something is missing, (so I think it is missing.) Yea its something I could solder myself, but I'm wondering why its not on the board.
  10. No ip is free in hopes you will upgrade to a paid service. Their higher services give you a .com address and more features you will proibly never use. Once every 2 months or so you have to click a link In an email no ip sends you, you have to confirm you still want the service. As for dyndns.com last I knew this was a paid service. I'm not really sure what is wrong with logmein.com for you. It's by far the easyist to setup and use.
  11. Max-Paul wrote: Noip.com is a free program that basically creates a free domain that forwards you to your dynamic ip.
  12. Mountainwxman wrote: ditto! I find this post funny because I choose to wear my log me in shirt today, I got the shirt free for being a beta tester a few years backk. Love log me In, it just works.
  13. I was at my local hobby store, and saw a huge box of what looked like the lor usb adapters, but then i though, hehe the lor adapter is probably "special." The lor units are only $30 or less so Im not complaning.
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