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  1. This is local only please... For Sale : Warm White Incandescents 42 x 100 ct…in totes, very little use. 20 bucks including the totes! M5 LED’s Warm White 1 x 100 5 bucks Green 2 x 100 10 bucks and RED 20 x 5 0Ct. 50 bucks These are all fully Dimmable C6 Warm White 10 x 70 Ct 5 dollars a String 4 x 100 Ct 7 dollars a string (FullyDimmable) C6 Green 12 x 70 Ct 5 dollars a string 1 x 100 7 dollars (Fully Dimmable) C6 Red 11 x 60 Ct 3 dollars a string 2 x 150 Ct. 5 dollars a string (These are not molded but are dimmable) Green LED NET LIGHTS 13 Nets at 10 dollars a net (new are 25 dollars) Red LED NET Lights 13 Nets at 10 dollars a new ) New are 25 dollars) 4 of the 46 inch Holiday CORO talking Trees ( Retail at 40 dollars a piece I will sell with the LED LIGHTS already in them for 50 dollars a piece. Lights alone are probably 80-100 dollars 5 2 inch HDPE 8 ft Arches with stands and built…(you will want to replace the lights inside) 50 dollars for all 5. The pipe alone cost more than that. 5 1 inch by 10 foot Shark Bite Tubes with 3D printed stands, never Used..8 bucks a piece. Will have some RGB stuff to sell later as soon as I go thru everything…Moving next year, and have been dealing with back issues, so no show this year : ) I AM NOT shipping anything, so this would be local in the Orlando area…Thanks for looking!
  2. that is very good insight Bob thank you
  3. Great! Thank you for the real world experience!
  4. Hypothetical (next year) I have filled up an 8 port switch, and upon additional expansion next year, was looking to add an additional switch(which I already have), without buying a 16 port switch. IF, you have your Ethernet from the computer go to the first switch, and have 6 connections to controllers, and then one connection from the first switch go to another switch,...with additional connections from that switch to controllers...will that work? Or is there a risk of data lag/loss or would it just not work altogether... running unicast if that makes a difference. Thanks
  5. http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php it can go on any executable file...sequencer, visualizer, etc....generally the LOR executables are good to 2G I believe, so this definitely helps.
  6. Sure as heck George...that was the issue...thanks again!
  7. Roger that George...as soon as it get done updating...I'll give that a go, that makes alot of sense...thank you so much for your expertise. I will let you know if that fixes it...but it sure sounds right
  8. Hey George...I was on 3 monitors, but when this happened, I had unhooked the other monitors...and was just using the laptop
  9. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times trying to get this to work...When I open the sequence editor...that is all that happens, the editor opens, I can't open any files, I can't even shut it or minimize it...I have to use the task manager to get rid of it...Al f the links are essentially greyed out and non active...if I click one, it just makes the ole bing noise, like thanks for clickin, but it ain't happening. When I go to one of my files to open it, I get an error that says CaN'T show non modal form when modal form is displayed Any ideas?? Very frustrating at this point...especially when I'm trying to get to the point of running my show...yikers! Its been a few weeks since I've used the software so not sure what to think. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Set the universes to 510, you will thank me , and whomever told me that last year, it alleviated alot of issues with trying to sync up with 682's and crossing universes. I was pulling my hair out until that little bit of wisdom was imparted upon me...
  11. ..Universe 1 - 510 Universe 2 - 510 Universe 3 = 470 for the last channel 1-150 151-300 301-450 451-90 91-240 241-390 391-30 31-180 181-330 331-480 on xlights, if you are using the Mega Tree model...you tell it where the first string starts, with the starting channel...1 bottom left, no up and down. etc... I don't have the software in front of me..but that's the gist...for the Tree, you don't need to have each strings starting number, just the first one, and the number of strings, and the number of nodes. When you start zig sagging, i.e. have 24 strings of 120 nodes, which zig zag every 60 nodes...its a little different set up. So now, Sandevices, Are you using a 682?: Are you using just the first 2 and half cluster 4-4-2 or are you doing 3-3-2-2? Cluster 1 Universe 1 starts at channel 1 and would end with Universe 2 channel 90. Cluster 2 starts with Universe 2 channel 91 and ends Universe 3 Channel 180 and Universe 3 Starts with channel 181 ending with channel 480 that's for a 4-4 -2 set up using the first 3 clusters. Does this make sense?
  12. Here is something else that I learned, as I use these clips on my gutters, and frames I built for my garage doors...I had them attached for a month, (in Florida) and one of 2 things happened, they either became brittle, or I had the screw too tight...as about 1/4 of them snapped. I was very careful on the alignment to make sure that I wasn't coming in kitty wompus when I GENTLY pressed the PVC into them...I don't really think it was the screw tightness, but it could have been, just an FYI....thankfully I had bought plenty of extras, and have gotten my lights up on those particular areas, I'm in the process of the window frames now, which will be wood frame with those clips, and then PVC attached to the clips...I love the concept, will be interesting to see how many I have to replace next year...
  13. I added NC effects last year via clipboard, but my main concern or question is the way LOR channel configuration is with a single light string going up and then down...I will probably start diggin around for the video as there is usually one out there.
  14. This is of interest to me, as last year I did 48 strings, of 55 pixels each, an each string had their own connection from the bottom. THis year, I'm doing 24 strings of 110 pixels, with 55 up and 55 down. Of course Nutcracker numbers things accordingly, based on the 2 string per string, but LOR, I'm unsure how I should be configuring my channels. I did each string on the tree as 165 channels, but My concern is if I were to sequence anything in LOR on this, will every other string have a backwards effects? I have already added all of them in the sequence editor, the ole painful way without vegomatic, but it wasn't as bad as last years for some reason. Perhaps I should sequence something in LOR, move it to Xlights to see what it looks like on the visualizer there...anyone have first hand knowledge on this...which I'm sure there are tons of people.
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