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    extension cords

    I'm sure there is a way to do it - the vampire cords you're putting the wire in, and then the top cap slides over the wire to make the cord push on the prongs to make a connection. If the back was open, you'd run into the cord. I get your idea, I've had to stack several cube taps to get 4 or 5 open outlets on 1 channel. If anything, you can make a longer stringer run, and place several female plugs on it. But since you did say (I think) that you were an electrician, or did some handy electrical stuff; I'd check with an electrical supplier that deals with plugs, cable, breakers and such - They may know a solution.
  2. rslx


    Not sure if this is a Newbie question... I work in the entertainment industry, and we run lots of gigs, and sometimes things are outdoors and they get wet, ie: feeder, distro panels, L5-30 connections and so on. Our distro's are just a Square D panel on legs so it's not laying on the ground. The LOR boxes are kinda the same, but there are electronics inside. My two boxes are outside, and if it rains, they will get rained on. I did what I could to make a roof for them, but as long as they are not submerged in water, I should be ok, right?
  3. rslx

    extension cords

    I think you mean a "piggy back" style plug. So you can 'stack' your plugs into each other - like some people have 7 or 8 of these things. If you converted everything into Aussie style plugs, then piggy backs are no problem! I wish the US would adopt that idea - every extension cord in AUS had a piggy back... SUCH A GREAT IDEA! Yes, the picture is my work, but was to light up a giant letter... there were more. Just showing the idea of the piggy back style plug. Do they make these in vampire plug form? Attached files
  4. rslx

    LOR Location

    I'm a first-time user this year as well, and we have a fence that runs with our yard and a gate to get up to the front door, so I was able to mount my LOR control boxes on the fence out of the way, and used a piece of plywood to make a slant roof for them, so run-off of rain. I think the concrete idea would work best - Use some conduit, or strong metal piping instead of rebar (as rebar can become floppy and flimsy) - then you can drill through the conduit, giving the LOR boxes a good mounting position.
  5. Fixed the problem. Simple Show Builder works! I think a file that was not a sequence somehow got into the list to choose from, and was added by accident. Ran fine last night with no problems!
  6. I am a first time user this year, and have 24channels. I went to create a show to playback to test everything, and I used the Show Editor. I added musical files, saved the playlist, and went into the Calendar editor thing; and chose what days and times to play the list of sequences. When I saved it, it said there was an error with a conflicting sequence - there was nothing previously running. Ideas? Also, the Simple Show Editor - I tried to make it work, but when I went to select a show, I click on "all files" and then continued on setting up. Moments later (when it hit 7pm for the show to start) - the LOR log scrolled the show it was playing at an incredibly fast pace, but said "show error" after the show file extension. I can only get a show to play by opening the Sequence Editor, and controlling the lights by pressing PLAY to watch/test the sequence. Any ideas?!
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