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  1. I had similar problem this year when I added a 16 channel controller to my light show. During the "test" run at Halloween I noticed that the new controller was not responding to the commands like the other two older controllers. I replaced the CAT 5 cable going from the new controller to the wireless receiver and it worked and is still working perfectly.
  2. Thanks to those "lightheads" that recommended the MovieMaker program that was already on my Windows XP machine. I used it yesterday to manage all my videos that I made this Christmas. Was able to mute the audio from the camera video and add the song from my PC. Worked great and the sound is so much better. Now on to getting a new digital camcorder for better video.
  3. I have the Roxio Creator 8 which also hadles video. Has anyone used this, and what has been their experience? I tried to edit a video but it is not very user friendly and i gave up.
  4. I made videos of my light shows this year, and have a question for the group. The videos were okay, I used my digital still camera on the movie mode, but I want to purchase a new digital video camera this year so that the quality is better. I noticed that the clear light strings appeared to have color in them, and wanted to reproduce the lights in a mor natural way. Also, I just put my radio under the camera to reproduce the sound from my FM transmitter. The quality was good on some, but had background noise on others. What is best way to get sound onto videos without all the extraneous sound and noise? Any suggestions would be appreciated, and will be used in my quest for a new camera for next Christmas.
  5. Would the sequence that was done to "Decorations" be available as well, while we are being so congenial?
  6. I liked your decorations, and have a question. Where did you get the song for the video "Decorations", which sounded like the Beach Boys.?
  7. And in the quotable words of Blutto, "ROAD TRIPPPPP!!! Are we LORers a bunch or what.
  8. I downloaded the LORVis software to my HP laptop that I have the LOR software installed for my 8 channel controller. I used the Hardware Utility for my controller to configure the serial connection. It used COMM9 for the controller, and my light program works perfectly through the LOR routine. However, when I use Windows Media Player with the LORVis visualization set, it does not activate the controller to run the lights. I checked the setup on the screen in Windows Media, and noticed that the only comm ports available on HP laptop is 1 through 4. However, the controller is set up on Comm 9 (which I am using the USB adapter to run to the controller. So I assume that it is using the USB connection as a “virtual” comm port. I tried to use the manual configuration in the Hardware Utility, but there are only two ports showing (3 and 9). The port 3 however is “assigned” to the x10 capability, so I get a conflict when I changed the controller to Comm 3. Are you aware of this problem with the visualization, and do you know of a “solution” to assigning a comm port (1 through 4) on the HP laptop? Thanks
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