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    lights lights and more lights. there is not a such thing as a bad Christmas display. Actually the more bootleg the better. Reminds me of home.
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  1. I'm going a different direction with my display so I am selling off some of my equipment 6 ELL @ $100 each, 2 ctb16pc v2 @ $150 each, 1 ctb16pc v3 @ 160, 2 ctb08 v4 @ $75 each, 1 LOR800W model 2 @ $100. plus shipping. One of the ctb08 has an on channel. Buy all I will do $1200 free shipping lower 48.
  2. There is a guy by me that puts a sleigh on his roof
  3. I think I have 6 new fast flash xenon c9 with the c9 socket I can sell you for $25 + shipping
  4. If I had a single story house with a low pitch roof like that I would Griswold it up. Run White vertical stripes , then as many colors i could think of. Groups 3 ch on windows 1 ch garage 1 ch for fascia 2 ch for bushes The rest on the roof
  5. Thanksgiving night. I always post on the web or tell my friend the show starts on Dec 1 -31st just in case there are any issues.
  6. AV cable is to always cross power cable perpendicular. Also plug in separate circuit of your computer or controller.
  7. Post this on the Planet Christmas Forum also.
  8. Last year on my show computer I used V7. But I've been programming in V9. Did anyone run their Halloween show in V9 W/O any problems.
  9. Here is a good place to start your research http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp
  10. That is correct. And you don't need to put it on your roof. Just try to get it off the ground and line of sight.
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