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  1. Hi, I'd love a copy! robert_gallo@yahoo.com Feel free to check out my site with many sequences to share: www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com Thanks!
  2. wouldnt know how to send this, but yes that's all it says.
  3. Some of my sequences including all of the halloween sequences are getting a error opening file pop up when I try to open them. How do I fix this? Also, since all my halloween sequences are getting this error, if anyone would be kind as to share some halloween sequences with the mp3, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Actually as you mentioned earlier, I remapped the audio and sequences and that solved the big problem. However, some of my sequences are saying error opening file. How do I fix that? All my halloween sequences are getting that error.
  5. Animation sequences wont even play. I can create and play them through the sequence editor, but nothing will play when shows enabled. Testing the lights through hardware utility seems to be the only way to get the lights on..
  6. I recently upgraded to windows 7 and all my files were moved. I got them back into the sequences folder and the simple show builder recognizes them. After I build the show and enable, nothing happens. The controllers turn on, but the sequences do not start. Along with this, when I open the sequence editor some sequences say error opening file but the sequences that do open will not play. When I hit play the screen just goes white and when I hit stop it goes back to the sequence. I'm assuming I'm missing something here since these issues sound related (LOR not playing and sequence editor not playing.) Any answers?
  7. The white screen goes away by me exiting..I just hit play and it all goes white..
  8. I recently had my computer switched over to windows 7 and had to re install lor. But when I try to open a sequence, they don't play when i click play. When i hit the play button, the sequence screen just goes white and does nothing. Whats wrong? Also, in simple show builder, none of my .lms files are showing up. Are they not in the right place since I had to reinstall lor? How do I move them and fix this. Thanks.
  9. Randomly starting today, my sequence editor will not play and musical sequences. It will do animation sequences but not musical. A message pops up saying the media player failed to initialize, automation error and object invoked disconnected from client. What is going on? Need quick help asap. Thanks.
  10. Also I found out that the lights are only going on for animated sequences, not musical.
  11. Every time I open a sequence and click play, a message pops up saying there's an automation error and the object invoked has disconnected from its client. After this message, the sequence editor freezes. What is the problem, why cant I play my sequences!? Thanks.
  12. Robert G.

    Street Lamp Pole

    I wrap the street pole in about 3000+ lights every year and that has seemed to be ok. I don't think using it is a big deal but to support santa and deer etc, might be stretching it.
  13. I have some sequences for arches and mega trees on my site. Pretty much both work the same way. I also have a tutorial video on how to create your own arch/mega tree sequence. www.ourlightdisplay.webs.com
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