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  1. While you are at it, I would love a copy too please. And thank you Rendermandan@yahoo.com
  2. Great write up Doug! I personally don't use a lot of wire frames in my display. But from what I've seen, you do good work! I might have to consider coming up with something for you to make...
  3. In a typical high speed internet in your house, you will have a cable modem, that is connected to a router. Most home use routers have a 4 port switch built into them. The router is what all your computers are connected to. either via wifi, or hard wired connection. You can use the built in switch in your router to plug your E682 into. If you don't' have a router, you can buy a stand alone unmanaged switch, Such as this one. http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SF1005D-5-port-100Mbps-Desktop/dp/B000FNFSPY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1397496709&sr=8-2&keywords=5+port+switch This will allow you to connect your computer to up to 4 other devices. -if you plan on adding more than 4 devices, you will need either a larger switch, or you can just add another switch to one of the ports on your first one. hope that helps.
  4. If I may interject here. This is the first year I'm doing smart pixels. I also bought from seasonal ent. They have been a pleasure to work with! I had one set that was missing a c7 cap, I jumped on their chat system, and they shipped out a new cap right away. So far, so good. To answer your question, yes, the lor software (advance license) will control the e682. You don't hook it into the lor network though, unless you use an elor... Instead you hook it up to your network switch. Then it's all in the configuration....
  5. Laser scanning and 3D modeling is what I do for a living. I borrowed the scanner one weekend, did the registration, and modeling in my downtime. I realize it's not something everyone can do, but thought it would be cool to show. Unfortunately I'm not able to divulge a lot of our projects, due to security reasons, but we have done some work for Disney. And we are currently working on some more.... Let me just say, I wanted to do a projection light system like the magic kingdom castle has, but I can't afford the projectors. I was serious about exact science. I have a model that I can place each light and then measure in 3 dimensions the length of the cables, the exact placement, and configuration off my entire display including the ground stuff.
  6. Or you could do what I did. I laser scanned my house, and modeled it in 3D! makes measuring for light placement and extension cords an exact science!
  7. Khawes, thanks for the input. I'm pretty new to the rgb, Dmx world here and am having trouble grasping what you are trying to do. Sometimes things makes sense to you, but are incomprehensible to others. In your case, I'm lost. Is there any way you can elaborate on what you are doing? Perhaps making a video like Ron has done, would help me and others to understand. Thanks!
  8. Ron, how did you bend that pex and get it to stay in that shape?
  9. That's ok, I talk to myself all the time... I was able to figure out what you were doing without the audio but that doesn't mean everyone will understand. So if you feel inclined, knock yourself out! Thanks again!
  10. Ron, thanks for that video. That is very helpful! I never thought of grouping the fixtures into a prop. I will have to play around with this tonight. For some reason, I didn't have any audio, but maybe there wasn't any? To be honest, we need more videos like these. Sometimes it's really hard to understand what someone is trying to say in text form. The videos are clear and to the point, thanks again!
  11. I've been rooting around the forum trying to find the best way to add smart pixels to the visualizer. I'm not adding thousands, just a little over 200 for now... So I'm not worried about the fixture limitation I keep hearing so much about. I am only adding the pixels to the gutter/eve line this year. Here is what I did. I first added a CCR ribbon to follow my gutter lines. I set up the exact number of pixels I needed on each section. Then I changed the color to show slight grey color and then set it to a level that I have disabled so I cant accidentally select it. Then i placed a single bulb fixture on top of the first CCR bulb. I changed its settings to include its name, RGB, Universe, DMX Size, etc, . Copy/paste and placed it over the next one and so on until I had individual single bulb fixtures over each CCR bulb. Then I simply deleted the CCR Fixture for reference. I saved the file, then opened the .lee file directly in Notepad. I searched for the name of the fixture. I then just edited the names of each one in order, then the channel assignment in order. For example: the items I changed are highligted below. the only part of the name I changed was the number since they all had "Upper Gutter" and then the number. Then I just moved on to the next pixel down. </AssignedChannels> <DrawPoints> <DrawPoint ID="1" Type="16" X="10773" Y="3519"/> </DrawPoints> </DrawObject> <DrawObject ID="279" Name="Upper Gutter 50" BulbSize="4" BulbSpacing="1" Comment="" BulbShape="1" ZOrder="2" AssignedItem="0" Locked="False" Fixture_Type="3" Channel_Type="2" Max_Opacity="0" LED="True"> <Sample Background_Color="0" RGB_R="255" RGB_G="0" RGB_B="0"/> <AssignedChannels> <Channel ID="1" Name="Upper Gutter 50 ®" DeviceType="7" Network="1" Controller="0" Channel="148" Color="255" Sub_Type="0" Sub_Parm="0" Multi_1="16777215" Multi_2="16777215" Multi_3="16777215" Multi_4="16777215" Multi_5="16777215"/> <Channel ID="2" Name="Upper Gutter 50 (G)" DeviceType="7" Network="1" Controller="0" Channel="149" Color="65280" Sub_Type="0" Sub_Parm="0" Multi_1="16777215" Multi_2="16777215" Multi_3="16777215" Multi_4="16777215" Multi_5="16777215"/> <Channel ID="3" Name="Upper Gutter 50 (B)" DeviceType="7" Network="1" Controller="0" Channel="150" Color="16711680" Sub_Type="0" Sub_Parm="0" Multi_1="16777215" Multi_2="16777215" Multi_3="16777215" Multi_4="16777215" Multi_5="16777215"/> Using this method I was able to knock out about 210 Individual pixels in a few hours. I found this much quicker to do it this way rather than edit each individual channel directly in the visualizer. It takes way too long to scroll to the channel you need three times for each pixel! So, have I discovered something new here? I seriously doubt it. I know it won't work for those of you with larger pixel counts, but for those of us starting out, I think this might be helpful. That is until someone else comes up with a different way. -HINT HINT LOR!!!!!
  12. Thanks for the info Ron! One question, it looks like you ave already waterproofed the ends with silicone. How are you going to wire them up? What kind of controller? How would you mount this in the yard? Ok, maybe it was a few questions. Lol Thanks.
  13. So what I hear you saying is these controllers can handle so much more than what I need, I should have no problems... Good to know I can expand in the coming years! Ron, good point about the end of the rainbow pixels, I didn't know they didn't have end connectors. I haven't actually ordered them yet.
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