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  1. I am fighting the same thing - in order to provide enough contrast between colors if one is a background and another is the action, the background has to be somewhere below 10% to be at all noticeably below 100%. Then of course it's impossible to see the intensity ramps/fades on the editor grid. And then there's the saying I always fall back on: "I'm lucky it works at ALL."
  2. I run my main show for the front of the house on a PC, and I'm using a DC-MP3 running a looping animation sequence to light up a few things in the back yard. 1. When the show reaches the end of the schedule, it stops mid-sequence and leaves lights on. I see no provision for a looping sequence to turn lights off. Is there a process to turn off the lights at the end of the show? 2. I can create and load a show on the SD card using Simple Show Builder just fine. When I use the Hardware Utility (ver. 3.8.2) to create the show and plug the card in, DC-MP3 tells me "Err No SD Card". 3. I presume (from experience only) that the DC-MP3 doesn't support loops in animation sequences. Is that completely true? I didn't find it in the book. I'm guessing it is intended primarily to run musical sequences and full function for animation is not available.
  3. Right on zman. Each year I add stuff to the show, and most often it's stuff that works hand in hand with stuff that's already there. In order to easily sequence the new elements, I want them meshed with the existing ones. And in order to use them in all of this year's sequences, the channel config needs to be the same. Configure one sequence the way you like it, then export the channel configuration. For the rest of the sequences you will use this year, insert new blank channels in all of the the same positions and then import your new channel configuration. Then you can get to work teaching your new stuff what you want it to do. I hadn't thought about using blank unused unassigned channels to separate groups of elements. You can name them with a description of the group. That's excellent.
  4. I start my shows on the half hour as well, with a short filler sequence in between each show. I use the Status report to observe the clock time at the start of each segment and I adjust the length of the fillers to match the show to the clock. It does require a few live run-throughs to dial it in because the total of sequence lengths gets you in the ball park but doesn't accurately match the show length.
  5. Herewith is my show from 2007 -- 12 songs and song segments comprising a 29 minute marathon of boredom and excitement, for the inspiration and motivation ("Good grief, now I know never to put THAT in my show...") of fellow Light-O-Rama-nators across the country and around the world. 1. Christmastime is here - Vince Guaraldi ---- 2. Linus & Lucy - David Benoit ---- 3. Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (1) - Brad Paisley ---- 4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Mannheim Steamroller ---- 5. Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (2) - Brad Paisley ---- 6. Faeries - Mannheim Steamroller ---- 7. Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (3) - Brad Paisley ---- 8. Fireworks - from the Harry Potter soundtrack ---- 9. Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday (4) - Brad Paisley ---- 10. Mad Russian's Christmas - Trans-Siberian Orchestra ---- 11. For Unto Us - Truth ---- 12. Goodnight - Manhattan Transfer ---- This was recorded, believe it or not, with a Canon SD550 snapshot camera, in video mode, from the the driveway across the street positioned behind our sneak preview audience on the evening after Thanksgiving. The program audio is from two small speakers in front of our garage door. We transmit on FM for the drive-bys, and put the speakers out for special group arrivals. Enjoy! Now, gotta get back to this year's presentation...
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