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  1. could i get a copy if possible kad11675@yahoo.com thanks
  2. May I have a copy please. thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  3. i would like copy too if possible.. thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  4. May I get a copy too. thanks in advance... keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  5. could i get a copy too. thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  6. if ur still in the giving mood may i have a copy, need a new opening been using get ready to rumble for far to long.. thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  7. Is there any way I can get a copy I live on a dead end street, the road is very wide 3 cars can get side by side an sometime they do, only have 7 neighbors must love the display but 1 or 2 well I wont go there but if you willing to share that would be great. thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  8. if you still sharing kad11675@yahoo.com thanks keith
  9. could i get a copy, and thanks for the hard work u put in on it.. kad11675@yahoo.com
  10. Can I get a copy of the regular too, movie coming out thanks kad11675@yahoo.com
  11. Hello James, May I have a copy. Please Thanks, keith kad11675@yahoo.com ps thanks for sharing
  12. if your still sharing "let it go" can u send me a copy i made one last year but needs a little something extra, hoping maybe yours has it, thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  13. if your still sharing, i would also like a copy.. and thanks keith kad11675@yahoo.com
  14. would love a copy if your still sharing... with the movie coming out, think it will be a hit with the kids thanks kad11675@yahoo.com
  15. if your still sharing would love a copy.. thanks kad11675@yahoo.com
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