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  1. I found just taking a piece of wire and putting it into the hole where the center pin of the antenna connector goes goes and run it under the garage door and hang it from the carriage light on the face of the garage works awesome
  2. Was doing tests today and 2 of my boards had a eithernet connector that would not work. This was the first time i was trying to daisychain them. Upon close inspection i noticed that one connector had all 8 pins raised and the other had every other pin crimped down and not making contact. I checked my other boards and both connectors had all 8 pins raised and worked fine. Just these 2 controllers had this issue. Has anyone else seen this? Was this an early version of the board? Possible fixes, pull pins up,replace connector, use y adaptor on good jack?
  3. That is how i run my show. I just used red insulated crimp ons and slid them on to the terminals in my board.
  4. Can you have 2 controllers designated as unit 1? I know this sounds stupid but never tried it, was wondering if they would both do the same thing.
  5. Do i need to get a special board to control a relay or will a CTB16pc do it?
  6. It is a very well done sequence. Deff one of the favorites!!
  7. Ok, got a single sequence running but cannot get several sequences to play in a row per push of button. Is this possible?
  8. ok, finaly figured it out, I went back into my sequence and turned all tha lights on at the very end and now they stay on. I tries that befor but it did not work. I did upgrade my software too so maybe that helped.
  9. Did all that, lights will not turn back on after trigger is pressed. Its like it is not going back to the annimation after triggered sequence is done.
  10. An interactive group. I have an animation of all lights on when show starts, when a button is pressed I want 3 or 4 sequences to play and when they are over I want all the lights to come back on until the button is presses again and the group of sequences starts again.
  11. After many hours trying different things and back and forth with tech help, I still can't get this to work. This is what I am trying to do. At the start of the show I want all the lights to come on. I have created an animation sequence for this. The show only runs on a trigger. When a button is pressed I want 3 sequences to play sequentially and when done all the used lights to come back on until the button is presses again. I can only get 1 sequence to play and none of the lights come back on when done. Help!!!
  12. Can anyone share this sequence? Thanks all!!!
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