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  1. Make sure your display is worth seeing. Anybody can find a fast song and vomit out a programmed sequence that will induce seizures. But having a quality show worth note is going to require time and effort in your design. Rule of thumb: if you program a song, and substitute another song and can't tell, you are doing it wrong. Forget twinkle and shimmer....they are a bane to a great show. After you have spent about 100 hours programming and reprogramming songs....after you get timing marks down to 1/20th a second, you are ready. Word of mouth Local media...if they don't come to you, seek them out. Give out cards with your address promoting your show. Lastly, don't do crappy songs that you think will get you famous. If you want to program uptown funk for Christmas, quit now. It will never be a Christmas song. Lastly, do something that hasn't been done. Be original. All displays are starting to look alike in a evermore crowded hobby. Best of luck Post your videos. Don't be afraid to take advice from old timers
  2. What mistakes have you made this year and how will you avoid them next year? /just curious what we can teach each other...
  3. Perhaps this hobby turned down a road it should have avoided. Bruno Mars and uptown funk? Sorry, I gives that song a thumbs down. Star Wars? This year, it gets a pass. If the next "episode" is out this time next year, it still gets a pass. /Star Wars ties into Christmas due to the Christmas Special that was aired decades ago. //when you have people jumping into the hobby strictly for the attention (or a shot at a $50k cash prize), it's time to reevaluate priorities
  4. There are those saying the DJI phantoms will not work without firmware upgrades preventing you from operating in no fly zones. I wonder if they will sync with the FAA if you refuse to register them.....casusing your unit not to operate until you do. Any word?
  5. The hobby is less about Christmas now than it was 10 years ago. Don't believe it? How many non-Christmas songs are in our shows?
  6. You can see how it has evolved from the first season to the spectacle seen this year. ABC should kick it up a notch and rate municipal and commercial displays.
  7. Lord used to sell a motion detector that could be tied to your display. It turns on, and flood lights can be turned on. May be in the store or not.
  8. of course, Christmas lights sequenced to non-Christmas songs has nothing to do with it
  9. In my discussions with internet trolls, there are many revelations: Environmentalists think our hobby consumes too much electricity and causes global warming Some think that our hobby is a waste of money that could be used to feed the poor Lastly, some think seizure inducing lights aren't entertaining. If you value criticism, double check your sequences. Turn the sound off and watch them. Are the flash patterns random? Or are they purposeful? If, after an evaluation, you believe criticism isn't warranted, chalk it up to trolls and grow used to criticism.
  10. I would stick with what you know. Cost aside, if you have the wrong soils.....
  11. If you light them from the inside, you will see the ribs of the coro. You might want to experiment with it first.
  12. If you have a hertz meter readily available, check your power coming into your home. It could be that you've had a problem coming from your transformer. B
  13. Dale W

    Commercial lights

    Check with the seller.
  14. 3 strands is what I've seen unless you are using target's energy savers by Phillips.
  15. You can run them as a sequence. It's what I did
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