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  1. As it seems, there is a lot of folks that have gotten to busy to post on the forum. I am of the guilty ones. I had posted a few things right after Halloween but as usual, YouTube pulls the plug claiming copyright infringements. Bummer. I want to say that the first year at Buda to pull off a display was difficult. New job and new house. Things are not much easier for 2016. Company sold, and back in a new job. But, I have my sights on a new display for 2016 and I have already begun working on updating sequences and building new props. New postings to come for 2016. I wanted to recap a great first year in Buda and the meeting a lot of new and nice people. A look back at 2015! https://vimeo.com/144187379 - Awaken the Dragon https://vimeo.com/144185830 - Addams's Family https://vimeo.com/144152025 - Ghost's Busters https://vimeo.com/144143307 - Thriller https://vimeo.com/143910063 - Crazy Train https://vimeo.com/143770035 - The Ripper https://vimeo.com/143763851 - Bark at the Moon Looking forward to 2016 Halloween!
  2. It was a major pain in the @$$! My fingers bled from all the zip ties that I put on. Then I had RGB nodes that went bad before show time, but it came out pretty good.
  3. I used one of spiderwebman's spiderwebs and made a 16 channel RGB web out of it. Turned out pretty good.
  4. I guess YouTube is afraid of Sharon Osbourne... They pulled both of my Ozzy sequences (Crazy Train and Bark at the Moon) I have them posted on Vimeo and I have not had any problems with them there. They recognize "Fair Use" YouTube can..... (Fill in the blanks)
  5. Looks Great! Excellent Job!
  6. Steady stream of folks came by tonight to see the light show! Nothing like when I was living in Odessa but I am very ok with that. (No more CrAzY!) Speaking of Crazy.... All ABOARD!!! https://vimeo.com/143910063 (Crazy Train)
  7. Here is the second video of my light show for this year. I am still struggling with the camera light balance but I liked how the fog and lights looked on this one. https://youtu.be/rtxntqzT2wg (The Ripper) Play in HD!
  8. Last night was the first good night weather wise and light wise. Everything went off without any major malfunctioning.... Well except for my video taping. I was able to capture a couple of sequences. Here is O' Fortuna - Bark at the Moon. More to come. https://youtu.be/2kbPZLj845E
  9. Fired it up tonight before all the rain hits this weekend. I still have a lot of gremlins in my lights. Part of my Web did not work. Either the dmx board went bad or the power supply. I thought I had all my dmx addresses set but some of those lights did not fire either. Neighbors loved it though. They did not see the flaws. Sigh.... I wish I could be like them.
  10. Love that Song! Looks Good!
  11. Gremlins have really gotten to my Dumb Nodes. I have more nodes going bad on the strands the longer they run. Not running that many per channel. The one that crapped out only had 22 nodes. I must have gotten the B Teams batch. Very frustrating.
  12. Always looks great Kevin! Trying to work the gremlins out of my lights and hope to get my show going this weekend!
  13. How many out there have been cursed with the Light Gremlin? Had tested my web last month and everything was working fine. I put the web on the house this last weekend and finally got all the controllers hooked up only to have one section not firing RED on the RGB lights. Tested all connections only to find that I have pulled a wire (Red) from the line when I put it on the house. Sigh.... Nothing like climbing up on a ladder to solder a wire... I am doing full build up this weekend. Hopefully no more Light Gremlins!
  14. That looks great! My wife has helped me paint in the past but I just can't seem to get her into the total spirit. (pun intended) She is great at putting are candy / gift bags together and is a good sport at wearing a costume with me every Halloween night, so I really cannot complain!
  15. That is funny. I kept fog juice in the old foggers and they worked fine.. Cleaned and pampered the Chauvet and it crapped out on me. Go figure.... Oh well... What is another $100 bucks in the big scheme of things of this addiction!
  16. Worked today on getting out all of my lights, lasers and fog machines to set DMX addresses and to test the foggers and lasers. Brings me to my Chauvet 1300! I bought it and used it for one season and the @#$% thing does not work! That is twice I have bought a Chauvet and used it one season and it not work the next! I cleaned it thoroughly inside and out and had it in a controlled environment and it still does not work! I have had better luck with the little foggers from Walmart. I have one of those that is 5 years old and still going strong! Bummed! I hate poor quality products. If it cannot work for more than one season, then it is poor quality.
  17. I will start setting things up around the 11th and get things ready and tweaked. Hope to have the show running by the 17th.
  18. Wow! It is only September 21st and I am overall finished with all of my sequences! I will continue to go back and look and tweak on some areas, but they are done! Now, on to my punch list of things to repair and touch up! It is going to be hard not to start putting stuff out, but I have a couple of more weeks before I can!
  19. Testing the RGB Spiderweb! I think it came out pretty good. Cannot wait to have it on the house and lit up for Halloween. https://youtu.be/2poapEPsm_U
  20. This year I used a HolodayCoro face instead of the big frame with rope lights because I was downsizing and needed more space. I still put my own twist on it by framing it out and putting strobes around the frame. See - https://vimeo.com/137722780 This will also be on a PVC frame to make it 4 feet off the ground.
  21. Finally making some solid headway with this years Halloween Light display! This year was to go back and add new elements to my Rock'n Haunted Castle. I think that they are coming out pretty cool. I cannot wait to see it all put together. Here is a couple of samples of some things that were added. I added a Laser screen/ Draw Bridge and a Magical Picture / Mirror Frame for the signing pumpkin. Here is a links to see. https://vimeo.com/137723327 https://vimeo.com/137722780 Time to work on building a standing frame for the picture frame, and repair fences and tombstones.
  22. About 500 RGB Lights and 1000 zip ties.. The Spider web is completed! And.. I finished it in 105 temp! Ready for Fall now....
  23. Still struggling to find time to work on my light display. Work and my wife's health issues have taken up a lot of my time. Trying to squeeze every waking moment into working on sequences and updating props. Added a draw bridge / laser screen to the castle and it really came out looking cool! I am still waiting on my RGB nodes to come in to redo my spider web. August is going to be hot in Austin, but I am going to have to spend a lot of time in my workshop to get everything done! To the workshop I go! Much to do!
  24. Finally had some success on completing a couple of sequences (Reworking actually) and have revamped (pun intended) my castle faces. Three more sequences to rework and a lot of soldering RGB nodes to put on my spider web. Feeling better now that some work has been done. I hope to get more done this weekend.
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