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  1. Can anyone please send me any Star Wars sequences??? SOOOO want to add to my show this year.... PLEASE!!! justbbuck@outlook.com THANKS!!!!
  2. Anyone have this sequenced? I've started working on one, but I'm having trouble. I'd love to add this to my show this year. Anyone willing to share? Thank you!
  3. Looks like the years of being a system admin and having to check emails for virus files had taken it's toll on the computer. Networking components were completely messed up. No firewall, no security services with Win7. Even though they stated they were running, there were no properties or anything to check with them. Completely hosed.... So I ended up wiping and reinstalling... Wish I had a better answer to the problem instead of a drastic measure, but it solved it.... Everything working the way it should. LOVE the visualizer!!! Really a great tool!
  4. Thank you for your assistance. I'll look into my system more.... If I come up w/ anything, I'll be sure to post the results to possible help anyone else if they run across this also.
  5. Sad to report that the same problem still happens.... I took a screen shot of the Options so you could see it. But I don't see the option to attach it.
  6. Darn.... I did miss giving vital information! (IDIOT!) I'm using Windows 7 on this computer - Home Premium 64bit. Thanks DevMike!
  7. Not sure about this, tried looking in the forums and didn't see it, so I hope I'm not doing a double post. Please fogive if I have...... I open the Visualizer and always get "there are no network adapters on this machine!". Well I have both wired and wireless on this computer - I'm on it as I'm typing this..... So, do I have to have the USB LOR Nic in place to make this work??? I didn't think I needed it since I'm just attempting to get an idea of how my show files will look / run. I have set it up in the Sequence Editor to play the Visualizer. I left the default set to and default port. That all seems fine.... In the Visualizer though, I go to Options and Com(6) and it shows nothing for me to select in the Communications drop down. and says IP Address in RED to the right. Also, I have setup in the Symantec Firewall to allow all LOR programs access. Lastly, I'm using V3.5.0. I hope I've explained myself enough and gave enough information to get some help. THANKS!
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