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  1. This has been an enlightening thread for me... I'm a network guy. Very tech savvy. I deal with routers, switches, all kinds of low voltage stuff. I have built a couple RasPie projects - I never thought this hobby would stump me. Heck, I did a lot of lighting for Stage / show with DMX. Been on LOR for 3 or 4 years. Pixels have kicked my a$$. I came upon this because I had same symptom of Pixels not working. I THINK I have good info now to fix mine.... Does this look right : 1. For Pixel Editor to control lights, I MUST have enhanced lor Protocol enabled. 2. My Gen2 PCKi
  2. I added a 180 degree pixel ribbon tree this year. I don't have nearly enough time to sequence, so I bought some pre-made sequences for the tree that I will paste into my existing work. My question / Problem is : the sequences I bought are made for 50 pixel CCR/CCB. My strings are 100 pixels. Initially I thought I could use the resolution setting on the Pixie16 to make everything 1-to-2 but I see resolution is only supported for 50 pixel strings, so I cant use that. Now I'm thinking I can copy & shift to accomplish the same thing in the sequence editor, but I feel like I'm doing t
  3. Not sure if the Pixcon and the pixi have the same max current rating, but I know I have the Pixie 16 and its got 4a fuses. According to my math ws2811 100 pixels at full would be 5a. You could lower the max intensity or inject additional power. I don't know what the spec is on the serial port speed of the G3-MP3
  4. Your post is very timely JR. I have been around LOR a while , (and DMX for a long time before that) so I'm familiar with channels and start addresses , but I too struggle interpreting what I'm reading about the controller setup. I wanted to add a 180 degree tree this year, and I thought 50 pixels / string looked a little rough, so I ordered 100 pixel ws2811 strings and a Pixie 16 . I just started soldering connectors onto my strings last night, and I was successful in getting all 100 pixels working via HU. I am stuck at the moment wondering how / IF this will work if I buy a pre-made
  5. I did a custom order. I wanted 11 feet high, and I wanted 100 pixels. I got these strips, just a bit shorter. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/addressable-5m-30LEDs-m-DC5V-WS2812B-led-pixel-strip-waterproof-in-silicon-tube-with-30pixels-M/701799_32371472981.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.3efcf4a6TzHu8J 7.36 watts / meter @ 3.4 meters is just a hair over 5 amps. I had already planned to inject power at both ends. I could totally bypass the 5v out from the pixie. I was debating cutting a notch in the strips 22 pixels from the end - or just leaving the strip whole and send
  6. I'm trying to work in a Pixel/Ribbon tree this year, but I have very little time to sequence. I have a Pixie 16 & (16) 11ft (roughly) 100 pixel strips. My plan was to make a 180 degree (almost flat) tree; So I will NOT be folding the strips in half. It appears that I must use a 1-1 resolution setting for the controller since my strips are 100 pixels not 50. I had originally thought I would re-use my old sequences from last years show by purchasing a handful of pre-made sequences of the same song that already had Ribbon trees. Then I would just copy the new tree channels
  7. My company started installing HikVision many years ago, so after a couple of years seeing them (and some other brands) in action, when I decided to do an install at our home, I bought the HikVision NVR and a couple of assorted cameras. ONVIF is the standard for IP CCTV, so If you get camera and NVR that talk onvif, you can mix and match. ( Motion detection trigger is easiest when brands match ) I tried HDView, HOSAFE, and HikVision cameras. They all work fine. Day/Night shutter broke on 1 Hosafe after about a year, but 4 others still fine and for what they cost 2MegaPixel POE for 40.00 -
  8. I have been on hiatus from LOR for about 2 years... Work, Life, Moved to new house... I wanted to do some pixels this year, so I went to see what had evolved from the old CCR / CCB's. I see the Pixie 4/8/16 and the PixCon (funny I actually ordered a SanDevices Artnet / Pixel controller kit right before I got distracted from the hobby - Its still in pieces) I see the PixiCon in the store, but I don't see the Pixie 4/8/16 but I saw someone post about a pixie, so they apparently got sold at some point. Is or will the Pixie series be available for purchase ? Or was the product line conde
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