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  1. I am running 12v RGB pixel strings. I will have to check to see which channels are affected.
  2. Maybe 50 to 100 more pixels on some channels.
  3. When my sequence is playing not all my channels on my CMB24D display the same colors. Some of the channels display random colors that are not in my sequence. Does it make a difference if some of my channels have longer light strings than others? Help please
  4. That was it I had the CMB24D and another unit set to the same id. Thanks alot
  5. That is a good question I will check this out. I may have two unit ids set to number 1.
  6. I can find my CMB24D if it's the only controller plugged in. But if I plug my other three controllers in I can't find my CMB24D. Also it can't be my cable because it works for my other three CTB16D controllers. Anyone have this problem.
  7. I want when I save a LOR sequence to only save the LMS file. I do not want the LMS.BAK or the LMS.LSV or the LMS.LSC file extensions to be saved. Is there anyway to do this?
  8. Boy do I feel stupid the mp3 song was a shorter version of the original. This is why the sequence was cut short.
  9. I have one sequence that ends to soon not sure what could be wrong. I am using S3 suit does anyone have this same problem?
  10. I found out I had accidently installed older drivers for my USB485 adapters.
  11. Yes I did thanks for your help it ended up being driver updates for the USB485 adapter.
  12. I am new to the pixel lights strings. Do I have to purchase LORs superstar sequencer to run my pixel strings or can I do it with just the LOR 3.9.0 software. I have pixel light strings from seasonalentertainment.
  13. how do you unassign it from the LOR network .
  14. I have cross over cable but now my problem is the USB adapter does not show up in LORs network preferences DMX . SO there is no way to select that adapter.
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