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  1. Yep! I’m an idiot switched it to a different style outdoor box last year and I must’ve switched the wires inside figured that out today finally .thanks for all the help! after 10 years you think I’d know better
  2. Unit was set with dip switches set to 1c was powered off than on. Running advanced level
  3. I’ve changed the unit Id I replaced the board with a brand new one I reset the board it’s powered by a 300 amp 12v power supply it worked last year
  4. Light are connected properly and it is in lor not Dax. Cannot control lights in hwu but the board is there
  5. Unit id isn’t overlapping,solid red light board shows up in hwu. Just have led strips hooked up but board does nothing
  6. Hwu reads all 17 controllers all work except one Cmb24d. Tried 2 different boards and same result
  7. My hu reads all 17 controllers all work except one Cmb24d tried two boards same result
  8. thankyou very much that worked, you saved my show.lol thank you, jerry
  9. yes they do. i also did firmware update to 4.32 two were at 4.0.one was at 3.0.
  10. my first year with more yhan 16 channels and i cant seem to get them working properly. one box i bought direct from lor,one from ebay,the third is a diy kit i built. all three work they all test properly in hwu but second and third boxes do not work in sequence editor.please help!!!!
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