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  1. Still have the ServoDog? available?
  2. May I get a copy too, please JaMiAlMc@aol.com Sent from my SM-N915V using Tapatalk
  3. Has anyone on the group, built props and mega trees out of Neon? I have been offered a huge lot of tubes, transformers ect. Since the tubes are in 12' lengths and the colors are red, green, blue and white - Thinking of welding up a solid mega tree frame and attaching the tubes on stand offs.
  4. Late to the party - but Zapper is pretty awesome to go along with the Danger High Voltage signs. Going to have to order a couple of them for 2015
  5. James, may I get a copy as well? JaMiAlMc@aol.com Thank you in advance
  6. I collect, restore, and work on pinballs as another hobby other than animated lighting and I can't quit thinking about the similarities between LOR controllers and how a pinball controls lamps/switches. Pinball uses 8 columns and 8 rows to generate 64 channels to control the lamps in a game. I cant help but rack my brain to use channels 1-8 to drive the rows and 9-16 to drive the columns. Has anyone else had this thought? I surely can't be the only one. Progamming might become overwhelming. Thoughts?
  7. Ive been having my share of problems this year with LOR both software and hardware. I have a little of just about every issue going on right now, including the sticking channels, A very confused network some nights, and the show just stopping for the fun of it with the "LOR Monitor" stopped working error. I updated to 3.1.4 as that should be the answer - and it was until tonight where out of the blue "LOR Monitor" stopped working and shut down the show. My only conclusion - which makes no sense - is that the CCR's are to blame - I (Again- having problems with them first in the actual control boxes, now just all white strips all the time unless I push/pinch the chips) - I unplugged them tonight before the show but still on the network - Is this a possible cause for the "LOR Monitor stopped" error? Dazed and confused!!!
  8. I had 2 CCR controllers go bad this year. The fist one is a cold solder joint on the power socket inside the controller. Power supply worked fine for the other 11 CCR's. Then the second one (The alarming one) Plugged in and setting a min or two to run the sequence - started to smoke - alot of smoke. Again - the other 10 at this point were fine. I do notice a difference from the original CCR's manufacturing to what is currently being sold. Seems this new crop, the circut boards fit very loose in the extrusion as when you plug connections in the whole board moves from one end to the other. The original ones I have are solid/firm connections, no movement.
  9. I get the LOR Monitor stopped working error. I have been running 3.0.0 for 2 weeks - no problems, then Wednesday evening - Come home, show is dark. Look and see the error, go thru the disable/re-enable, show works fine for the rest of the night. Now - Thurday night - Show has the LOR Monitor error 4 times, first occurance is 2 hrs in, 2nd/3rd and 4th are about 20 minutes apart from the each other after the first event. I just downloaded the 3.1.4 and hope that will correct the problem.
  10. I've been patiently waiting as well. I want to add 128 more channels this year as well.
  11. I got both as well, S3 is definitely WOW! Love the grouping feature for making the effort to decorate a street much much eaiser now.
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