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  1. Although I do sequence my whole display in SS,  in a world where you used each software to the best of it abilities, I think SS is more designed to matrix type props and the pixel editor or now the grid would be better suited for roof lines and such things. I personalty just like to knock it all out in one software and then add some finishing touches in the editor. If they added morphs and shockwave effects to the editor would be icing on the cake.

  2. One of the new features in S5 is the preview. It use to be viewing your previous years sequence was a pain. Have to open up last years visualizer play last years sequence. Then change to this years visualizer and play this years sequence. In S5, open both sequences and just hit play, it will use the preview that was assigned to it. In the process of converting last years sequences to this years layout, this is so handy.

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  3. It was only in the 20's yesterday. No way I was taking everything down. I will wait till the weekend, foretasted to be in the upper 30's. I will be running the show this week. First time I have ever ran it past New Years. Had a decent amount of visitors last night surprisingly enough. 

  4. Those of us who sequenced our whole display in SS and  tweaked our visualizer to get the grid exactly how we wanted it in SS are somewhat disappointed in S5. That being said the good far out weighs the bad.

    S5 needs and lite version of the visualizer so we can create our display for SS like we always did.

    I still have S4 installed in a vmware. I will create my 2018 display in S4's visualizer and tweak it like I always do. That is all I will use S4 for. I will then import that visualizer into SS and sequence just like I did last year. I will bring that sequence from SS into S5's sequence editor. Now is where the good stuff comes in. 

    You could import the S4 visualizer into S5. I am not going that route. I created my 2018 display using the preview. That way I can get my display for S5 exactly as I like it. Now I can add movies, pictures and any of the other motion effect to my sequence quite easily because they are all built into the grid. If I need to add any SS effects at this point it is quite easy to export to SS for those props or groups I want to make changes to.

    My sequences from this past year I will copy and paste into a new sequence for this year, Get rid of some of that legacy stuff that shows up when you convert S4 sequences.

    Anyways, that is my plan. S5 ran great this season.

  5. Ron, once I made the switch no regrets. Biggest problems I had conversion of sequences. This year starting from scratch with S5, I believe it will go real smooth. Come on down anytime or we can do a teamviewer, just let me know.

  6. Here is my 1st version of a preview for my 2018 display. I was thinking castle myself. In my case it will just be the shape of a castle using drilled PVC with a pixel poking through it. I was worried about wind also. Had too many things blow over in years past, this is my first year of everything staying upright all season, want to keep it that way.


  7. Got to play a part in a soldier surprising his family by coming home for Christmas. His Mom planned it, she was the only one who knew he was home. She dropped him off at my house and then went and got all of her family with the idea of watching the lights and videoing his favorite song and sending it to him over in Italy. While God Bless America/ Armed force melody was playing, when the army part of the song played, he walked through the display and surprised his family. It was very exciting to be a part of. Here is a Facebook live video of it, unfortunately the video did not show a whole lot.


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  8. I think this has come up before. I would love a Select button where I can select certain effects. I mostly need this on images but all the different effects might be handy. I want to be able to change the "clip" on all the images in a sequence. Selecting them all at once and changing it one time sure would be handy. Thanks.

  9. Yeah I still use some Holdman sequences in my display, I have a few "Fantasy Lights" sequences, Sill use some "Lights for Riley" , "Wilton Lights", "Tauton Tales", Jade and a few others. Each had a unique look to them. Christmas Lights by Coldplay that Jade shared with me back in 2010 is still one of my favorite sequences.

    Like Jeff said,

    All thanks to people sharing. So thank you sharers. You make it possible for us non-creative folks to appear creative.

    BTW, you helped me collect $3,500 last year for a local charity that helps out family's in need, they thank you too.

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  10. This year is my 12th year and I have yet to do my first original sequence. I have tried many times and a blank sequence just freaks me out, I don't have a clue. If i picture a song, all there is is darkness it seems. I can tell you this, my visitors could care less whether its original or not, if it was original work they would care because they wouldn't come back it would be so awful.

    I like the diversity of using different peoples sequences, there are a lot of different techniques out there, not so much lately though.

    Mostly these days I take the purchased pixel tree sequence in to SS and adapt all the rest of my props to it. It is about original as I can get.

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