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  1. Didnt know about the channel summary, good information heading into a new preview. Thanks.
  2. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” I guess that doesnt apply to sequencing and Christmas lights
  3. I inch spacing. I use it for my 4 singing faces. Each face is 30x20 pixels. I put a couple of videos on it. Have a few 24x50 sequences on it. It is viewed from about 60-70 feet away, so the videos look fairly decent.
  4. My matrix this year is 84x30. That is the equivalent of 50 ccr's. Therefore a 60 ccr license would be needed. I dont sequence it in SS because I have the 40 ccr license.
  5. I agree. Superstar pricing is way out of range. I dont mind paying for it but the levels of pricing just dont make sense anymore. 1 matrix alone can eat up a 60 CCR license. I hope LOR sees this sooner than later.
  6. dougd

    Rocky Top

    I know this will be very area specific. Anyone have a sequence for Rocky Top. Not sure why anyone would want it this year with the season Tennessee had, but I had a request. Thanks.
  7. In S5, you can open multiple sequences but they show up as tabs. All I have been able to do up to this point is switch between the tabs. Having they side by side like in S4 would be nice. Save quite a bit of clicking.
  8. This year is my 12th year and I have yet to do my first original sequence. I have tried many times and a blank sequence just freaks me out, I don't have a clue. If i picture a song, all there is is darkness it seems. I can tell you this, my visitors could care less whether its original or not, if it was original work they would care because they wouldn't come back it would be so awful. I like the diversity of using different peoples sequences, there are a lot of different techniques out there, not so much lately though. Mostly these days I take the purchased pixel tree sequence in to SS and adapt all the rest of my props to it. It is about original as I can get.
  9. Thanks. I have a 8 by 24 foot storage room in the back of the garage. Everything for the most part gets torn down to its lowest level and stored in that room and then rebuilt every year. BTW for those who are interested, show this year is run by S5.
  10. Here is my layout for this year. I have 5 videos up so far.
  11. I am sure it is nothing a teamviewer session wont solve. Sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes.
  12. Here is my trouble shooting questions to myself. First step, do the pixels light up via test sequence in the web config on the 682? If so I know my setup is good. Next for LOR, is my network setup match the 682 setup correctly. is the control panel running. Is the commlistener running and has no errors. Next sequence editor. Does the channels in the grid match my setup. Is there something in the grid to play. Is control lights on and stays on. Is the schedule off in the control panel.
  13. I cant read this morning.
  14. Are you converting the pixel tree sequence in SS or did you also get an LMS file?
  15. Should be able to open any S4 sequence in S5. Then copy and paste into an S5 sequence that you already have.
  16. Everything channel wise is setup via what channels you link the prop to in the preview.
  17. I feel 100 percent confident with MIIP and S5. Played my show through all the way during the day this past weekend. All 101 sequences played as expected. Great job getting it to work Bob. I would have had to go back to S4 if it didnt work. Thanks again for an awesome program. Now I need to spend some time with the new features.
  18. I will check it out. drdelong@outlook.com Thanks James!
  19. When using S5 you have to create playback files. Open your sequence in the editor. Go to file and select create playback files. You will then have an .LMS file to use in the show editor.
  20. So I can start creating my play files and hopefully my subsequences will work? I need to get started creating my .play files. Hint Hint, a utility for creating those automatically sure would be nice, select a folder of .loredit files, come back a few hours later and your 100 sequences all have .play files.
  21. Anyone have any suggestions to try. I am out of ideas.
  22. I have a matrix that I scroll messages on and have used the last 2 years via a sub-sequence. I got the matrix hooked up today and was unable to get the sub-sequence to play. When I load the sequence itself it plays perfect on the matrix. When I add that sequence as a sub-sequence nothing plays on the matrix. I tried adding as an LMS file, a play.lms file. Nothing worked. I am on the latest beta version. I have no idea what else to try.
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